Editing Tips

Hello, I was wondering, since my freind and I are almost done making trials a video. Is it possible to still edit the video, with out having a digital video camera, just a regular video camera?
Please reply.


this depends on several factors:

what did you shoot the footage with? both the kind of camera and tape.

what are you now planning to now do with this footage?

if you filmed everything with a digital video camera and mini DV tapes or something similar, there’s no way you can edit with a regular camera that i’m aware of. if for some reason you can stream video through the regular video camera, you could do it. but if you had both cameras to do that, why not just take the regular camera out of the mix? :wink:

if you filmed everything with a regular video camera, and you never had a digital video camera, you have some options. you can stream the footage into your computer with a digital video camera, or you can buy a “digitizer”. both “digitize” the film so you can put it on your computer. since you don’t have a digital camera, you’re going to have to get video editing software, a firewire port/cable, and a “digitizer” which basically is a box that you plug your camera and your computer into if your camera has a video out port which, i haven’t seen a camera that didn’t have.

this is vague, so i could probably tell you what you wanted to know if you gave me some specifications.