Editing software

My brother and I got digitle camera for christmas because we wanted to film some unicycling videos. It came with some editing software, but it isn’t very flexible and is difficult to use so we want to upgrade to a better program. I’ve used imovie at school and liked it, but I have a PC. What do other people use to edit their unicycling video’s? (We can’t afford anything too fancy)

You’r brother’s camera probably came with some simple editing software, but it may not. If you can find some with it it would probably be enough to make the kinds of videos that you want (Usually they will let you cut the video, add music, and do simple effects, and put it in the order that you want)

If you get a bit more advanced, Virtual Dub is great for editing clips (but you will need another program to put it together.

To put it together, there is Zwei Stein , which is powerfull, but I don’t think that it can handle MPG, which is what most digital cameras use. (Some of the lower end ones use AVI, which Zwei Stein can use). Virtual Dub can convert an MPEG into an AVI.

There are also freeware programs which can make an AVI into an MPEG. The on that I used was AVI2MPEG, but the site seems to be gone now. (There are at least two programs with that name, both of them seem similar but I have only tried one)

Another video editing program is Wax. The current version is not very stable but the new version is supposed to be out soon. It only accepts AVI as input but it can output to MPEG, AVI, and other things. It has some advanced built-in effects like WARP and MORPH, and more effects should be in the new version.

There is also a simple MPEG editing program called MPEG Sissors . It lets you put all the files in order and clip them, but you can’t add music. Its site doesn’t have any information on it anymore.

Thanks a lot. I really appriciate the time you spent putting in those links. I didn’t realize there was software you could download. I’m still searching but your suggestions are definately good options.

If you have Windows XP you can use Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a freebie extra for Windows XP. It only runs on XP, it won’t run on other versions of Windows.

You can download Windows Movie Maker 2 here

I think Windows Movie Maker 2 is really great. I’m making a whole 30 minute-ish DVD with it. I’m not doing anything fancy but I’ve been able ot do some fun stuff on it.