[editing critique] Pre OUI training

Hey everyone, I’ve finaly got around to making a video. It really isn’t anything that amazing, but I’ve been trying to get used to doing a better job at video editing and clip selection.

Please watch it and let me know what you think, over all feel. Redundant clips, and generally tips for editing video on a mac would be great. I used iMovie to make the whole thing, and I think I’ve heard of other people using iMovie and making some better videos, but I couldn’t figure out how to do anything fancy with it.

I will get a vimeo link soon too.

that rock slab you found looks like a pretty sweet place to ride. plus lots of people to entertain. nice riding and good vid.

lookin forward to vimeo. i cant get on youtube


Another weird side hoper. lol.

Cool vid though.

Pretty good:)

The only thing I would have done differently is the two shots hopping up the rock 1:10-1:35. I think you should have only put one of them in, unless you took different lines, or did something like hopping to the left instead of right. The second one looked better to me.

Good job Nathan. I love the Justice in there as well.

i think you should get ore creative with your angles. use some cut-in-shots once in a while to give the viewer a few different views.
that would make it way more interesting

Hey, I forgot to comment on the editing side of things. I liked the way you did this. You can already tell the calibur of video is higher from not seeing the same titling styles over and over again that WMM offers.

I like the way you used longer takes than most people do. It seems to give you a more realistic depiction of the terrain and the difficulty involved with clearing that terrain.

Honestly though, imovie isn’t really all that much better than wmm. It is the apple OS and the fact that the whole set-up is more intuitive and video friendly that makes imovie better.

Unless you are morally against it, dl a torrent of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express.

Either way though, making a vid too fancy can really ruin it and you kept it simple and uniform. This is the most agreeable type of editing for me at least.

Only suggestion is less static shots.

Oh, and it is really personal preference, but I like 16:9 for almost everything.

i liked it but you should avoid re running line, especially at the same angle. other than that, nicely done.

some transitions may be nice too(not the in your face corny one though:p )

Yeah I was worried the most about that line, I was trying to show that I did it in five hops then four hops then three hops, but I think its just too boring to show that kind of thing, best off to just showcase a really clean line than to show progression unless I were to make an entire video based on it.

edit: I just rewatched it again and the rock slab part was pretty much the same I just couldn’t decide which was better, the straight up on the last section or using the really tight step. I think more people prefer to watch going straight up though as its hard to appreciate how tight some of that section was.

There was another repeat shot on the pallets that was first SIF and then seat in, what did people think of that part? Redundant or worthwhile?

I like what people are telling me so far.

Like I said I’m hoping to make a video while I’m in Asia, but unfortunately I have nobody to film me, and its sketchy to leave a camera lying around anywhere even for a moment. Maybe if I get out to somewhere pretty remote I can do some filming.

Also the security guards and cops around here are everywhere, and they don’t like you riding on anything, not even the sidewalk! Security guards aren’t too bad, you can just ride away from them, but I don’t wanna mess with the cops on a foreign country.

I “got” final cut pro, but its such a huge program and wants almost 50 Gigs to install, so at this point I can’t use it because it would leave me with almost no room on my Hard drive.

I will also work more on my angles, I’m still really new to filming and I much prefer a moving camera but I never like the results I get from my friends filming me, and I feel bad asking them to film me and then not liking the results. Its too bad I can’t duplicate myself to film and ride. Sorry to any of my friends that have filmed me. Actually Eric you can pretty close, but we were following too close, next time we try we can probably figure it out.

I also wish I had a wider lense but camera equipment just isn’t where I can afford to put my money.

Nathan, If you are ever in Toronto I would love to follow you around town filming with a Panasonic HVX200, possibly even two.

I’m really hoping to spend a week or so in T. In the fall I have a lot of friends who keep on pushing me to go out there, so if I’m in town I would love to spend time filming.

I loved the part were the runaway Uni attacked the camera girl… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hah that was a guy…

It was funny because in the clip previous to that one, you can see I drop the uni and quickly have to stop if from falling. Also right out of the camera shot where the uni was heading there was a cliff…

Glad you enjoyed it. I can’t wait for my ankle to heal so I can start making a new video. The city I’m in has beautiful trials lines EVERYWHERE it is rediculous, I think at most I will be able to ride here one or two days before I have to leave and I don’t want to force my ankle because I want to be perfect by unicon, but it seems like every where in China is just superb riding.