well this is my first proper uni vid, tell me what you think :slight_smile:
also includes a clip from teescycle

that was realy good your excelent at ww congrats

Jeez Alister, but you got good really fast. Congrats on your 3rd place. I can see that Nimbus suits you a lot better than the wheel you had on your Cragside video.
Wish Iā€™d been able to get to Teescycle, it looks like a bigger setup than I imagined it would be.

thanks matt :slight_smile: yeah the trials uni has definitely helped a lot :slight_smile:
teescycle was great, and yeah the setup was much bigger than i thought too, and judging by peoples pictures they completely changed it around for day 2, so it was like riding a different course

Good to see more UK peeps making videos :slight_smile:
Keep it up!


really clean wheel walking there dude.
nice work

I concur. You are the future.

woah, much better comments than i was anticipating :slight_smile: thanks everyone :smiley: