Edge play!

A little Cliffhanger fun! I’ve done a very short section of this before, but this time I did the whole length of the edge. It’s either and air-lift, or worse if you fall! :astonished: Of course, there’s no extra uni skills needed, just a lot of confidence, and maybe a little insanity…or vice-versa, haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this is one time that using pov really closely captures the feel of the steepness, and puts you right there. And holding the camera while riding probably ups the risk anti just a bit! I just think it looks cool if anything else. :sunglasses:

Yeah, no need to worry Terry. It’s not like you’ve ever slipped and slid down a steep embankment before. coughColdSpringscough :wink:

Seriously. That’s scary. While making a mistake and falling might be unlikely, it’s still well within the realm of possibilities. Be careful man!

Haha, I thought that might be brought up. The difference is, in the cold springs video, I didn’t actually fall off my uni and down the embankment at the same time. My MUni went over the side alone, then I tried walking down after it, and slipped! :o

But you’re right, anything can happen, but it really didn’t seem as dangerous as when I first viewed it on video, lol! I don’t think I’ll be doing that kind of thing again anytime soon. I’ll just stick to 6 foot drops haha! :wink:

You, sir, are a mentalist.

I like. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, thanks. I’m glad you put “ist” after instead of “'case” :stuck_out_tongue:
It was also cool to receive comments from KH! (in the youtube comments for this video) :slight_smile:

My testicles kinda shriveled and danced watching that!!!
Felt good … to watch that Terry …
Mighty good ride.

Kris Holm on YouTube: “OK there’s a pair waiting for you next time you order from UDC. =)”

My first thought on reading KH’s comment on youtube was, “I think the pair Terry’s got is as big and bada** as they come.” Then I realized that KH was talking about leg armor.

Funny, that’s about how I felt while riding that edge! :astonished: :p;)

Haha, and when he mentioned that "A pair [of the KH percussion leg armor] would be waiting for you"…, I wonder of he meant they would be complimentary. :thinking:

I love your videos mate. Brilliant!

Thanks much!

If i see some were in the news that someone riding a unicycle fell off a ledge to their death, ill know who it is. :wink:

Haha, and when he mentioned that “A pair [of the KH percussion leg armor] would be waiting for you”…, I wonder of he meant they would be complimentary.

Better not let your 661 sponsors hear about this :smiley:

Scary riding. I think I’ll just stick to watching you risk your life rather than go out and try it myself.

I will assume that your fear of flying has nothing to do with heights.

I probably won’t be doing that kind of thing again. Once was more than enough! :o

I would be happy to make a switch in sponsors! (hint, hint Kris!:))

Well, with riding I’m in control, not someone I can’t see in the front of the huge aluminum tube, hurtling through the sky at 500mph and 35,000 feet! :astonished:

But yeah, kind of a strange dichotomy, similar to how I feel very much in control and confident on stage doing my act, but I’m totally uncomfortable in crowds, or with a few people I don’t know, or know very well, or making “small talk” with people. :o