Edd & Leo Hawkes

Hey guys and girls,

Leo and I made a short video to promote the 24 hour demo that we’ll be doing with Voodoo Unicycles at the end of this month. No spectacular riding Im afraid, but we both haven’t ridden for ages :smiley:

Enjoy and donate if you can!

Thank you!

The Siblings of Seduction :sunglasses:

Vimeo or UTV would be nice (i hate it to watch with pages like hydemyass because you cant choose hd then).

Now on Vimeo too :slight_smile:

looks good guys :slight_smile: some sweet lines in there

If anyone wants to donate to our 24 hour demo fund in aid of UNICEF, follow the link below.


Nice video from Edd and Leo, fighting the good fight for those less fortunate than ourselves.