Edd Hawkes Vs Trials Biking

Hey guys,

Heres a little video I’ve been making with one of my friends, Sam. He has only been riding his bike for 6 months and is already a great rider.
Both of our riding has improved loads since most of this was filmed, but we’ve already started filming for another video.

Anyway, enough chat, heres the vid.

Watch in HD and enjoy :slight_smile:


Love it Edd! Especially that weird little bridge clip!
gotta find me some trials bikers :wink:
Has sam really only been riding 6 months? I was under the impression the learning curve was much steeper?
Great riding by both!

Good stuff, cool lines in there.

My friends name is Sam Tarrant too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jason Auld likes this!

You have been poked by Edd Hawkes!

Nice ridin’! Really cool video, I liked the riding. I liked the line where you did a pedal grab on each side! I have to try that too:p

Thanks mate :slight_smile: The double pedal grab was really hard and took me ages to get coz its seat-in and I normally pedal grab seat-out.

Not again!

Great video mate, we need to make one at Sky ride.

very chilled vibe, great editing. sweet lines.