Edd and Leo's Buc video! (Finally)

Hey everyone!

Well, It’s been about two months since BUC, and it’s taken two complete reboots of my computer and three hard drive’s to get this video rendered in a sensible(ish) filesize!

So, sit back and enjoy! Sorry about the shocking quality (I don’t know what the audio sounds like as i have only watched it from google on my work 'puter), i think its because google video blew it up.

I will try and get it uploaded onto the unicyclist.com gallery’s as soon as they start behaving themselves!

Ta Daa!

Rock on!

I liked it, specaily that little flip over the branch =p

I specaily enjoyed filming Leo doing that! :wink:

nice video, like it a lot

yea that was a good video! those grinds were cool and the pirouette was good too. just good all around for sure. keep it up man!

grind upto camera was good, and music was also.

Esp enjoyed the bouncing betty uni :wink:

Nice vid.


Thanks for all the great comments guys! Keep them coming!

Leo, some people like our video!

Rock on!

Cool vid guys loved some of those camera angles and i really felt the emotion when edd through his uni down in frustration lol looked like he felt it too, nice one guys as u say
rock on!
l8az Lucas

badboy vid- really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Yeah, iv been trying to get some different angles to make it a bit more interesting.

Lol! Yeah it hurt a bit, but not as much as it could have if it had hit me in the face. Thats why it got my arms, because i raised them to shield my face!

Thanks for all the comments!
Im hooked on making vids now, there are the beginnings of another on my cam. Will post it when its finished, will probably be a while yet though!

Rock on!