Ed Pratt talks to Wally Watts about their experiences unicycling around the world

They talk quite a bit about the similarities and differences and also why neither of them actually have a Guinness record for these particular achievements.

P.S. If you want to know more about the world Guinness world record requirements, Ed also has another video, that explains in more detail why the “official” record is still up for grabs.

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Who needs Guinness. They are the heroes on this forum.

Indeed, nonetheless one very minor upside of nobody having an officially recognised Guinness record, is that it is one more incentive for someone to try it again, so that they can claim the title. So… who here fancies their chances? 😉

Maybe it is something for you to claim?
I’m definitely not Guinness material. I just ride because I like it and a trip of 20km is enough for me. I have nothing to prove, other than riding UW to myself and eventually riding backwards, which I might start to learn on the Ultimate. (how hard can it be :slight_smile: ).

A part of me would love to try, as terrifying as the notion sounds but realistically I would not attempt it. Not just because of the obvious efforts involved in such a task but because I think my wife might have a thing or two to say about me leaving to spend a couple of years (or more) cycling around the world, while she stays at home raising our young children.

Also once they are older, I too will be even older, plus unless she is fed up with me by then (fingers crossed she isn’t), I rather doubt she will be much more keen on me going. I think if I was to do something like this I should have tried it back when I was in my twenties, not now that I am into my forties.

Oh well, I will leave it to the younger generation. Shame 😄

but aren’t there other Guinness records you could go for like 100kms or miles in the shortest possible time or the longest unicycle trip without stop or whatever.

100k in the shortest amount of time? Could you go faster than 3h27 minutes? :slight_smile:

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sure by car :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome video!!! Wally and Ed are so inspirational.

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