Ed Pratt interview on GCN

The interview with Ed has just been released on GCN


I somehow missed that on the twitter feed but enjoyed it now, thanks.

P.S. Pretty sure that Sy has tried unicycling before or he is a crazy fast learner.

Yeah that’s ridiculously quick progress.

Fun video. I just recently found Ed’s channel. I think he has become one of my new favorite people.

was thinking the same as I thought that. Nobody can just run hands free on the first day when messing around for a few hours.

Amazing, that he had a puncture every 8 days :astonished:

Other than that, it wan’t too informative.
Of course it’s great to get media coverage to let non-unicyclists know about it.
And where does that guy get off, calling Ed a “cyclist” :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm, he’s just ridden round the world on a cycle. By what stretch of the imagination is he not a cyclist?

Should be happy he didn’t call him a tricyclist :smiley:

I love Ed’s videos but why does he call his uni a bike?

I think because it rolls off the tongue so much easier than unicycle, or even uni. And people understand what he’s saying. It’s only us uni-nerds that are annoyed by it. :slight_smile:

And it breaks the barrier that our unis are “circus toys”, it’s pretty clever. A uni is “just” a different bike flavor. As John says, it’s only annoying to us uni-nerds, but if it shows our sport to the general public in that way, it’s not bad.

@pierrox Indeed and related to this, if you can travel around the world carrying everything you need to live for 3 years, then the unicycle is a real means of transport. Again not just “circus toys”.

So I agree, Ed has done a good job of helping people to take unicycling more seriously and I can easily forgive the use of “bike”. :wink: