Echo TR warranty?

Hi there,

I recieved a pair of Echo TR platforms for Christmas last year for my muni. First off, they are the best pedals I’ve had hands down.

Unfortunately last week I was climbing this super steep hill and heard/felt a crack under my right foot. Turns out I snapped the right spindle.

I was wondering I Echo has a warranty for this kinda thing? I mean, it was less than 6 months.

Any insight would be appreciated.


The best thing to do would be emailing Echo and ask. I’ve had mine for less than a year and the axles are bent, I’m riding them on my Coker since the body isn’t strong enough for trials, I’ve also bent the body after like 2 weeks of riding.

worth a quick email, but on tartybikes at least they specifically say not intended for use on unicycles, so I doubt you will get much from it. :frowning:

tartybikes sucks. I also got my pair for Christmas, just mine were ti. and I broke the left spindle. They said since I’m a uni rider I cant get a new pair, as a replacement, but they said they can onl give me a new spindle. then i sent them the pedals and they said they can only put a steel one in because thats all they have and they wanted to send me a pair of pedals with one ti and one steel. Then I said I’d rather have both steel so i could at least use them cause ti spindles are plain crap. Afterwards, they said thats fine but I’ll have to wait until some other bike trial rider breaks their left spindle so I can get the right one. Now that’s bullshit imo.

that’s not bullshit, it’s them being really accomodating aidan! the Ti spindles were always going to break, unfortunately. :frowning:
there’s also something interesting on the website from Mark.

i think it is. if someone told you you’re gonna get a second hand spindle that you don’t know how it’s been used for just because your a uni rider then how would you feel? also that was posted after i got the pedals and that comment was on the steel pedals so i inly read it about 2 months ago. if i was running a place like tartybikes i would never send a kid a pair of pedals, where one is ti and the other steel.

I guess, but is that because they don’t have any echo spindles?
like, do they actually sell them?

yepp they don’t get them just pedals.