Echo TR... *replacement spindles?*

This isn’t a guarantee… but it’s worth a shot:


look through all the spindles on this page

This is just a totally wild guess but I’m thinking ONE of them in the sea of replacement axles’ll fit the Echo TRs… Though maybe Deng custom makes spindles for his pedals as he has his very own factory private for his Echo/Zoo!/GU/Czar/Adamant parts.

Danni, you might find this topic helpful! Same for others who are worried and want to look for replacements.

If anyone with a pair of TR pedals (2010 or 2011) could just take their body off the axle… and post a pic up in this topic, that’d be super super helpful to everyone else. It’s a 1 minute job, literally.

Good luck!

Someone’s gotta know…?

Just post a picture of your TR axle by itself, even if it is snapped, so we can see the shape and deduce whether or not it has a replacement readily available.

I’ve given my set to a mate at a bike shop to see if he could get me a replacement axle. When I get them back I’ll get a picture if no-one else has by then.

Sorry Sponge - only just seen the message. I’ll take a pic of one of mine this evening. I’ll measure it all while I’m at it. I’ve had them apart a couple of times for greasing (it’s wet here) and they don’t look particularly unusual - not unlike the MG1 spindles really, but perhaps a tad skinnier.


OK, here are a couple of pics of my TR axle. Not fantastic quality because it was in a dingy garage but should be some help.

The inner (crank side) bearing face of the shaft is 10mm diameter, the middle part is 8mm and the small end (where the outer bearing goes, and the threaded end) is 5mm. Not absolutely positive about the 5mm though - on my old wooden ruler it seems somewhere between 5 and 6mm, but I’m guessing it’s more likely to be an M5 thread.


Excellent, thanks Rob, that’s ideal!

When I’ve finished this asignment, I’ll maybe have a browse through the entire catalogue of pedal axles on CRC to see if one at least vaguely resembles that shape and then email them about dimensions.

If we can nail the right one, then replacements will be no worries.

EDIT: anyone else curious about TR replacement axles ought to look into it too. Maybe some US, Canadian, or other European webstores stock some models that the UK doesn’t…

The Gusset Slim Jims and Azonics look quite hopeful…