Echo Red 2 Red XC MTB Race

Echo Red 2 Red XC MTB Race
5th Anniversary Edition
March 2, 2013

Registration will open mid-January
You’d better pre-register… their capping it at 600

The race website is being updated
They have started a race Facebook page.

(541) 289-2444


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Only 1 uni in group shot? That’s 1 more than they expected I bet.

Echo Red 2 Red.

Actually bungeejoe was invited to ride in this event. And he did very well!!! :slight_smile:


They knew he was there! Kind of hard to not notice he only had one wheel. Every one else brought the training wheel along.




Any one going?

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are you riding clipless?

SPD+shlumph… bungeejoe is THE MAN…
I will try it this year.

need to find my spds asap


Number of Registered Participants: 458
They expect to max out at the 600 cap with mail in and walk-up registrations Friday. Then get on the waiting list to buy no shows at 10:30 AM Saturday or you will need to wait until next year.

The weather man predicts great conditions with little wind. It will be a great day if you can make it!

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Heads up!

Mark March 1, 2014 on your calendar for the 2014 Echo Red 2 Red XC MTB Race.

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2014 Echo Red 2 Red


teamUnicycle write-up for

teamUnicycle at 2014 Echo Red 2 Red

Hope you enjoy the write-up and are encouraged!

Temperature of 26 degrees F with NW wind at 10 MPH in this event photo


Hope you enjoy the write-up and are encouraged!

Ride hard, enjoy and come join us for the Bellingham Muni Weekend


Great write-up! Congrats on a great ride!

Great write up Joe. Thank You.
I read a few more of your posts. Great write ups.
Please send “Get Well Wishes” to your wife and hope she’s well on the road to recovery.

Nice work Joe!

In early June we’ll be in the middle of moving Karen to Wenatchee, but we’ll hollar at ya’ if we can make it to the munifest.

Give Lana our best.

The 2014 Echo Red 2 Red was our first real trip since the crash. Be eight months tomorrow. Lana is still fighting a long, painful battle.

Wow! Wenatchee! We do a ride near Wenatchee this weekend.
Gran Fondo Ephrata When the route turns back east toward Palisades we get to about twenty miles from Wenatchee.

Then a couple weeks later I do another ride in Ephrata.
Beezley Burn

You should come a few weeks early for a pre-Bellingham Muni Weeked ride or show up a few weeks late for a couple of post-Bellingham Muni Weeked ride.

Let us know when your available.


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2015 Echo Red 2 Red

This might be hard to find later and get lost in the other thread.

First pic is at the unicycle start - 9:55 AM
Second pic is at the finish line - 3:06 PM




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2016 March 5 - Echo Red2Red

Completed the long course this year - 34 miles in 7:15:25
Started early, 6:10 AM.
Finished 20th out of 20 finishers in the Men - Single Speed Long Course category

Only unicycle entry out of 404 starters.

First two pictures are at 3.5 miles from the start line at the begining of the 27 miles of single track. Third pictures is at the end of the 27 miles of single track with 3.5 miles left to finish line.

Yeah, I put a jersey on at mile 22 to provide sunburned protection. Seems I forgot to put on or bring any sunscreen.


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The writeup…

I added a writeup at March 05, 2016 Echo Red 2 Red XC MBT Race



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