Echo isis crank bolt

Any idea if these work with kh hubs? I I know that there are two sizes of isis crank bolts, I think kh uses the smaller of the two correct? I think the koxx light uses the larger bolt as it saves some weight, which these are probably the larget version.

Thanks for any help, I’m not 100% on any of this so somebody smart can chime in. They sure would look nice and might save a gram or so haha.

I have no clue, BUT they look sick! I want them if they work. :smiley:

You got it, plus the Newer KH hubs all ship with a longer bolt, which you want to make sure you have if you want to use Rollo Disks.

Mail and ask them if works with a reinforced koxx hub…

I’m pretty sure they have some unis in stock and also those bolts!

Good idea about the mailing. I’ll get to that.

Also nathan, I think it was you who said some of the koxx crank sizes are proper now? I think you said the 140’s were. I’m some what interested in testing them out, but not if they don’t work with a kh hub.