Echo Hydraulic rim brake

Anybody seen these?

They’re Magura compatible rim brakes. They should work with unicycles, and they look quite nice. Different colors too!

You can buy them at although they’re a bit price @ $200 each

Wow! Those look awesome. I would definitely get some. Any info on how the performance is compared to Magura ones.

yeah, I like that sharp, boxy look to them.

Too bad they don’t have orange! :wink:

I’m glad they don’t, since I’d have to spend more money, and sell the Maguras I just bought.

That would be stupid to use on a uni, they are designed and made to lock a wheel with the most force possible, not to brush the rim lightly like you do with a uni. Those brakes are not made for modulation, they are made for crazy lock and hold.

I’m afraid not. Brakes like that are built FOR modulation, not to lock a rim. Any old brake tuned correctly can lock a wheel, but it takes higher quality stuff to control modulation better and make it LESS of an ON/OFF brake. That is, after all, why I have hydraulic brakes on my downhill bike and motorcycle, and I can tell you from personal experience that those brakes modulate way easier and better than the other cable brakes I have.

I don’t know, but shouldn’t Evan know since he riders bike trials?

Those brakes are made for power, 90% of people that use that brake grind thair rim with an angle grinder for lock, not modulation.

Trials bikers need the hard “lock” when they go to rear. A strong grabby brake is what they need, and modulation is only secondary. My brother rides bike trials and is always complaining that his break isn’t locky enough (though when I try it, it feels just like my muni).

Oh, sorry sorry sorry, I wrote all that without even looking at them. I just checked the page, and they are trials bike brakes, I thought they were just mountain bike brakes like juicys. Better to look first next time:o :frowning:

More so than Maguras? Do you have experience with them?

But that grip can be adjusted to an extent w/ different pads and rim surface. I bet these can be tuned for the best power to modulation ratio.