Echo 2011 pedals

The first release of 2011 Deng parts… first from his Echo brand:

30g lighter than last year’s. 330g, £50 for the steel spindle versions.

Now with supporting struts front and rear.

They look cool. Still need to see what the 2010’s ride like though.

Edit: Actually, think prefer the old design. Looks a lot cleaner.

look a little weird, and they’re all one colour + white, rather than one colour, guess they’re stronger though…

They look white because they are all post-anodize machined to cut every little bit of excess weight off. So it’s a raw aluminium colour that is then protected against further oxidising.

They look cool, but sort of wierd looking :stuck_out_tongue: I think I prefer the look of the older design, but these are lighter and proberly stronger?

Love the purple :smiley:

The 2010 are excellent pedals. Light, very grippy, color don’t fade with rubbing and wear and can take plenty hits. Mines do not roll easy but i like this way as i have less chance to get hurt by spinning pedal after dismounting (voluntary or otherwise, more latter).

These are now easily the lightest alu platform pedals out there. I’ve seen 'em all: BMX and MTB super slim platforms… they’re all heavier and generally more expensive.

The 2010 Echo TR pedals were great, but these 2011s are even better now. Slightly stronger (not that the bodies needed strengthening) and lighter!


The bodys have been slimmed back a bit right? Do you think the new ones could be less comfortable because of that?

Slimmer pedals feel a shit load better than any fatter pedals.

Fat pedals are just eewww. Heavy, sluggish and uncomfortable. Feels like riding on a ladder.

Almost every experienced rider who’s ridden these has commented: “Much more comfortable to stand on than Wellgo magnesiums.”

That is for sure.

Slimmer pedals are less likely to spin and hack shins if you slip.

Just a minor bump…

The main improvement for TRs is those supporting struts between the edges of the pedals. I think one or two people mentioned how lots of pedalgrabbing ended up deforming the body a bit (which in the first place isn’t what the original TRs were ever designed for as trials riding these days are totally UCI style… i.e. only tyres contacting obstacles).

These pedals should hold up to aggressive pedalgrabs a lot better.

But also do note: No pedals are indestructible, especially if you have a harsh riding style (doesn’t mean big drops at all) in general.

Now the only thing that needs to be found out is if it is possible to get replacement axles… incase…

Im pritty sure I’ll get some of these soonish hopefully :smiley: What do you think it would be like to order these from Tarty bikes UK? I don’t know any place in NZ that sells the 2011’s. I might get a Echo SL Seatclamp too!

Any info if they improved the axle strength? There’s quite a bit of problems with both SLs and TR axle breaking. I got some nice stitches from the SL, not my cup of tea. Don’t skimp out on the axles please!

Tarty are really fast and efficient with overseas orders. They sell to other countries every day. They give pretty reasonable postage prices, so have a read of their FAQ/info for details.

Try adding the items to cart with your country set so you don’t get charged UK VAT. You’ll get a full quote with postage options.

This I don’t know for sure but maybe, you’ll need to email Tartybikes for the best response. No North American dealers will know exactly what they’re talking about compared to Tarty that’s for sure. Without exception. Echo don’t reply to emails for months so don’t count on them direct.

The axles are strong enough for almost every biketrials rider in England… and they’re the harshest bashers reknowned as the scene for urban trials. They’re going bigger than uni riders but no problem with Echo axles snapping? Maybe one or two horrendous bashers but their track record of broken parts explains it. The TR axles are just fairly normal steel axles to take sealed bearings pretty much like your average pedal. The fail rate of say, Wellgo MG1 bodies and axles is greater as a percentage. Regardless, I know you’re a fairly good rider but you do seem pretty unforgivingly harsh on your components! A few KH rims dead and a bunch of Ti hubs totally trashed ;). I don’t think it’s the pedal axles that are so much the issue, I think it’s more a case of altering your riding style to be a bit smoother? I don’t mean it in a ‘Youuuu bassshhherrr’ way at all, and it’s not much to do with going big on drops or anything as the bike riders are always going bigger than uni riders… it’s just that different people naturally put more/less force on their components due to body weight and distribution when actually riding. It may not feel like you’re being unsmooth in your riding, but what you feel and what the components feel is a bit different! (>o<)

Same goes for other uni riders that break these axles. Just alter your technique and totally revise your riding style. If Neil Tunnicliffe is fine with these, and he’s going about 2x as big as a unicyclist without exaggerating, then it’s not the pedal’s fault.

Nothing like as grippy as MG1s or DMR pedals though - until you swap some of the (nice looking) Echo pins for plain grub screws. And the anodising on mine has worn quite a bit (but they’re quite often muddy and gritty so it’s not that surprising).

To be fair though, a bike has the benefit of the frame as a lever to damp the landings. If bikes had to land directly on the bottom bracket I’m sure they’d break pedals just as often as unicyclists. Obviously rider style can help though. The axles on my pair of Echo TRs are definitely a bit skinnier than on MG1s or DMR V8s I have, so probably a bit less strong. How much weaker I don’t know, and they seem to be strong enough for me anyway (I’m mostly a cross-country rider rather than a big jumper).

Do you know the Echo bloke, Sponge? If you do, ask him to sharpen the pins up a bit :slight_smile:
(and if you don’t know him, you should be paid for plugging his kit!)


I just got my pair but ill have to wait till christmas to get them :smiley:

I’ve emailed him before with suggestions and he’s listened to some, but given reason to stick with some of his own at times. A lot of it bowls down to economic situation.

If I get the chance to go to China, I personally know some of the local dealers and stores that speak with him so sometimes word gets passed through that way.

Fun fact: The local Chinese generally dislike Deng (Echo owner).

I was thinking about reinforcing my 2010 Echo TRs like the did on the new ones, it would make them a little bit less suitable of bending the body, it would also make them a few grams heavier but I’d rather go with strength. I’ll post them up if I ever reinforce them!

I wouldn’t classify myself as a hard rider. I absorb force on landings. I weigh 165lbs. The pedals snapped on a measly gap of all things, which makes me believe that they failed due to stress. I’m not the only one with problems with the KH 24" rim. Justin Kohse snapped a few.

I talked to tarty when I shipped my Echo SL pedals back. Told me that the TR axels were also snapping on riders, not just the Ti. I probably couldn’t snap the Cromo axels, and they should be plenty strong for the majority of riders. I just don’t want to take the chance anymore. Breaking pedals freaking hurts! Breaking a rim is like landing on a loud soft cushion.

I’ve pretty much decided that Ti has NO place in the wheelset. Ti isn’t strong enough (doesn’t help that I use 170mm cranks). I’ve switched to the new Mad4one hub with Podium one pedals. Added weight, but reliability.

looks good:), but where can you buy them?
I hope