Echo 2010 components.. save weight, and make your uni stand out

I want the seat clamp and the pedals I posted… haha

If I can get enough money before August I might be bale to get my mum to get them them haha

Echo brakes have changed COMPLETELY since 2006/2007. They were totally revised and have an extremely reliable and stiff design. However, the whole ‘lack of adjustment’ is part of their nature. They were designed in such a way so that they would be lower profile when mounted on trials bikes since a lot of people sometimes kick their HS33 cylinders by accident and break their crossover hose eventually. So basically Echo is designed to be more tucked away and lower profile. If you have issues with lack of adjustment… then just get the Tensile offset mounts.

gram for gram, the Echo SL brake is a nicer piece of kit than the trusty old Magura. The hoses in the Echos are reinforced and upgraded over the standard plain plastic ones Magura use.

can someone post a UK link as to where I can get a echo seat clamp

on the left side you can choose a dealer :wink:

i would try this one…

The problem that I had with my 2007 Echo brake was not one of lack of adjustment. I could adjust the cylinders closer to or farther away from the rim quite well, just like Maggies. My problem was that the distance that the pads traveled when I pulled the brake lever was too small. 2 to 3 mm max. The Maggie that I got to replace the Echo has a larger diameter master cylinder which will then push the slave cylinders and their pads farther. Hopefully, this new batch of Echos does the same.

I do agree, though, that Echos are pretty. I have the anodized green brake (for sale, cheap, make me an offer). The Maggie that I now have is a garrish bright red that makes my guni look a bit like a christmas tree. I works perfectly, though.


Thanks Jogi. Might order one later this year but it says there for a 31.8mm diamter

I think they mean the outside diamiter of the frame, instead of the seatpost diameter. I think it will fit, you should check though.

Yea I know I’ll going to ask them some time during the next week or two… I’m quite keen to get a green or red one

It fits KHs, it fits Koxx Devils, it fits Impact frames. For sure.

31.8 is the actual proper seattube size. 27.2 is just the size of the seatpost

haha I learned something after 6 hours of school… sweet getting one…

360 g.

Do you mean Kona Wah Wahs? I tried them at my LBS and they had similar tracksion as all their other pedals (except Tioga MX pros) and better manuverability, except I could feel the “bar” that goes accross that might be an issue. I think the thin screws could get bent easily from grabs and grinds.

If only the Echo brand family got into unicycles. Would be veeerry easy, and prices would be extremely competitive; a true competitor in the market.

CNC’d frames, 32h ISIS hubs, a myriad of ISIS crank models, rims,

I guess if there was enough demand, and everyone sent an email to Echobike, then we would see something. For sure

Echo brakes

Echo’s gets the award for industrial design and making them pretty.

For what its worth: I’ve messed around with a couple of sets of Echo rim brakes made in 2006 and 2008, both new and used. I really had a hard time seeing how, for unicycling they are an upgrade over Maggies. The slave cylinders may be fine and are low-profile compared to the HS33 slaves, but its mainly the Echo levers that seemed to be less bomb-proof as the HS33’s and HS22’s.

Strangely, I had trouble getting them to bleed well with Maggie fluid. Some air seemed to want to remain in the master cylinder?? I’ve bled hundreds of Maggies and haven’t had this problem.

The hydro fittings that Echo’s take are slightly shorter and the stock Maggie fittings bottomed at the end of the hole just before seating.

The lever blades aren’t sponer compatible and just didn’t feel very comfortable at the angle that uni riders seem to use them under the saddle.

The master cylinder piston, bore and pivot point are arranged for maximum brake leverage and power for trials bike riders - but not for driving the pads a longer distances as Nature Quack noted in this thread. For most MUNI, peak braking power isn’t needed, so the lever seems to need to travel more to have the same effect as with Maggies - if that makes sense.

The master cylinder pistons I had had two o-rings, which sounds good, but it doesn’t have a nylon scraper like Maguras have to keep dirt out of the o-ring seal area. Seems like, though I don’t have proof that this means that the outer o-ring is going to collect grit and wear faster??

So, IMHO, I think Echos are great for Trials riding, but I just haven’t had good luck with them (or the old Kookas, RB Designs or other older flashy Magura knock-offs) for unicycles.


I might buy a pair of Echo pedals, not with the Ti axel though… there’s a guy who sell a pair of them for $59, so cheaper than MG-1 and lighter:p I dont know if MG-1 would be better for Trials though.

Yup… what he said :stuck_out_tongue:

you forgot to mention that the echos are very hit or miss with leaking,some dont leak and some do,even a week old set can leak.

the hydro line are similar,some snap with no effort and others last,the biggest one for me is that some of the brakes,when you bleed them the alloy shavings from machining come out in the fluid.ive talked to numerous people that had this problem.

if you want reliable brakes stick to magura,if you want the colours,the echo levers fit in the magura bodies.

sick anyone riding the new pedals?

Has anyone tried the ECHO TR platform pedals for Trials? I might get a pair for my uni, but I’m not sure if they are really strong if I pedal grab on them… also I want pedals that I dont have to remove the pins to pedal grab.

you could always try these they seem to have good reviews about them a bit on the pricey side of thing I think…

Yeah, I want the Echo TR because I can get a pair for 67$ shipped… And those Superstar ones are really pricey, and shipping from UK wouldn’t be cheap too.