There is a summit on ebay for sale. Im not the one trying to sell it but I wanted you all to be aware of it. I wish I could get the money for it but im just a kid with no job.

Here is the link. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=42317&item=7109409866&rd=1

The seat in the picture doesn’t look like any KH seat my butt’s been on.

looks like a viscount in the picture… :thinking:

If he didn’t know it before he knows it now. I just sent him a Question for Seller.

On another E-Bay note, I had not done a “unicycle” search in quite a while. Last night I got a bunch of Asian Rug hits.

Turns out they’ve hidden the word “unicycle jousting” in their description (the full string is “clara harris, blue santa, amy fisher, unicycle jousting, michael tata, christmas, shopping, furniture, leather”).


Yep, that’s definitely a viscount.
Even so, it’s a really good price for a Summit. Someone ought to take advantage of it.

even if its a viscont saddle, it looks to be a nice uni. hopefully i win, because im in the market for a trials uni.

I expect this has something to do with it being one of the most searched words or whatever, someone pointed that out a while ago, maybe they just add everything in ‘top searches’ to make people go to their site or something. I dunno.

You’re right. I guess I missed that thread.

The uni is up to $227. Pretty good return on investment.