ebay unicycle film fraud?


Has anyone seen this DVD? Is it legit? The description at the end sounds like UNiVERsE 2. I never heard anything about “One Wheel No Limit” changing the music to Pop-Punk. Many of the images on the dvd sleeve look really familiar.

The Seller bought a copy of Universe 2 February 12th:

They also bought 100 dvd cases on January 31st:

Now I may be wrong, but it REALLY looks like " therealjettaman" is ripping off unicycle films and making a profit. They have already sold a few, one as high as $24 (without shipping!).

Very odd.




I, too, was concerned when I first saw, “One Wheel No Limit,” (OWNL) DVDs being sold on eBay, so I did some digging. I discovered that Andy Cotter had produced OWNL. He told me that he had heard about the OWNL DVDs being sold on eBay and that he had decided not to do anything about having eBay delist them. Andy said that he had never intended to make any money selling the tapes.

Ive never heard of one wheel no limit adding anything or changing the music, he may have done it himself or something…
As for the universe 2, the seller is uniryder22, sounds like Dan himself trying to sell a few on ebay.

Yeah, Dan sells them on there. What I meant was the guy selling this OWNL dvd bought a copy of U2 from Dan. Reading his “extra 30 minutes of Extreme Hardcore Unicycling” description, it looks like he ripped off U2 and is including it on his bootlegged dvd.



Ahhhh, I guess I should have read more carefully.

Yeah thats exactly what I was thinking…looks plain dodgy to me.

The DVD that is being sold is a rip off of the Video, it is low quality. We have refused to sell it as it is so poor.

There is a new version of One Wheel No Limit being produced at the moment. It has been digitally remastered from the master Digital tapes and is fully indexed (down to trick level!). It will be available in UK and US in the near future from Unicycle.com and we hope with German text from Municycle in the future.


The DVD cover he has on the ebay link has a picture of Brian Mackenzie on it from one of the lifestyles of the rich and famous 24 hr races on it. It’s He probably took it from the gallery here. Does anyone know if he would need permission to do something like that? I know people use the gallery photo’s here on the forum but would something like that be too much? Can he get his likeness taken off of there? Just a few questions.

That’s from a Paris to Ancaster race. (In 2003, not the one in 2004 where I kicked Ryan Atkin’s butt :slight_smile: ) That pic was posted by whoever was doing the pics at that race. It’s just a unicycle pic taken from the internet, I don’t think it would be worth anyone’s time to take legal action

Yeah but if he’s ripping off Universe 2:
“Unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition violates federal laws with severe penalties. (now here’s the important part) SYKO don’t appreciate thieven’ bastards.”

I have a DVD version of OWNL I bought off ebay about a year ago, poor quality, but the music is the original and their is nothing from U2 on there. This must be a newer rip than what I have.

The video’s being ripped off is one thing, Syko only has so much pull. Were this kid could get in real financial trouble is with the music industry. They don’t take kindly to having their music stolen, that’s for sure.

I posed the following question to him in an email, I am sure he probably frequents this site so here it is…

“Is this a bootleg compilation of other unicycling DVD’s on the market like Universe 2?? Do you have permission from the artist like Green Day to incorporate their music into the DVD. Do you have direct permission and consent of the original producers of the video that is on your DVD?”

this dude is looking to get in trouble…


the description of the one on ebay sounds like the one on unicycle.com

video on unicycle.com

Excpet for the part about music…

this is true

No kidding, hole sucked!

I can’t say that the replacement music really fits with the riding in the OWNL video and besides I don’t see that Green Day et at. will take kindly to it.

I can only suggest NOT to buy this bootleg DVD. The new authorised fully indexed version will be much better, trust me.

Someone needs to put that thief outta business