ebay or unicycle.com?

I went to my LBS the other day, as they told me over the phone they sell Torkers. (I’m looking for an LX.) When I got there, they inform me they only have Suns at the moment. I asked if they could order me another kind, and the guy said, yes, but why would you bother? They’re all the same. So I left, thinking, although I know basically nothing about unicycling yet, I know that’s the stupidest statement I’ve ever heard.

Now I have to decide on whether to buy on ebay, saving a few bucks on the cost, or on unicycle.com, which I assume would be safer. I also saw on uni.com that they report all these sales to the government, so would I have to pay tax on it, too?

Any opinions?

There have been some bad experiences and shady business done through ebay, but there have also been good things. My moto (usually) is - you get what you pay for, bet there are exceptions for example - KH gear is very reasonably priced.

As for uni.com…no you do not have to pay tax and it is an excellent place to buy from, I’d say go that route.

at least with unicycle.com, if you have any problems with your order you can usually get it worked out, or o I’v heard.

yeah, uni.com is great

but if you’re just giving unicycling a shot, maybe you should go with a cheap LX off ebay, and upgrade to a higher quality cycle once you get serious.

But, really, Suns aren’t half bad. The fork is rounded, which is not preferred for freestyle, but knock yourself out, if you feel.

I got my Torker CX 1st uni off off eBay at a really good price. If you go with a user that has a high eBay rating your risk of being ripped off is very very low.

I think I go mine from ‘pricethumper’. They had a eBay rating of a few zillion.

Re: ebay or unicycle.com?

I’d say that they know a lot less than you do.

I got my unicycle off unicycle.com, it came pretty reasonably priced, like 150.00 plus pads, helmet, and a video. I don’t beat it up, I drop it at times, and it’s held up well. I’d suggest not going too cheap, cause if you like unicycling you’ll want to have the uni for awhile to keep learning, I don’t think you’ll get frustrated enough to quit, just remember things take time and your not gonna be an expert all at once.

Oh yeah, and unicyclings fun too, : )


Thanks everybody - I’m about to go on Uni.com. Checked ebay, the one Torker LX was being sold by pricethumper, but after adding shipping, I’d only be saving $8. So thought it’s worth at least that to go with the experts. BTW, is it hard to put an uni together? I have no experience with such things.

I finally decided to go with the middle-of-the-road Torker LX 20", because I figured it’s easier to learn on that size, and once I do learn, it’d be a good excuse to spend a lot of money on a 24" MUni!!

Unrelated questions: did any of you quit after a really bad fall?

Any girls on this forum? (I’m too old to be a “girl,” but you know what I mean.)

You’re never to old to be a girl and and never to young to be a lady.

unicycledotcom is good, but they constantly make ton’s of mistakes. Fortunately, they always fix them, but it just takes another week for your fixed product to arrive.

Very very very easy. About 15 mins for the the LX. You will need a simple adjustable wrench or (better) a cheap socket set.

Don’t overtighten the bearing holders.


Yeah there are girls on this forum.

Been working on my T-shirt of Mr. Universe standing wheel walking on a 20" freestyle unicycle in tighty-whities to compete with the new Bedford T-shirts that were so popular…

Seriously though, you are not alone and I think the 20" Torker is a GREAT unicycle. Love it. Definately go with a square fork, main-cap bearings etc.

My experience is that unicycles are not well assembled, so be sure to tighten up the pedals. If it wiggles or makes noise, it shouldn’t be. I think “stealth” was the most awesome name for a unicycle. I can’t stand riding with people on squeaking unicycles, it’s just wrong. :slight_smile:



He’d better be barefoot, or I’m not buying it!