eBay not for unicycles

I was suprised to see mention of unicycles on eBay in the description of a b*ke carrier

It specifically says “if you have a unicycle, this would not work so well”

i wonder if they were just trying to be humorous. looks like it would hold six unicycles just fine.


Actually, those type of carriers do work well for unicycles. I carried my muni from Iowa to California and back last May on something like that.

Hang the wheel off of one side and the seat post or frame on the other. Then just tie it down with something. I prefer to use cut pieces of inner tube as tie-downs.


Yeah, when the gallery comes back up, you can see how I carry my unis:

Someone at BUC11 easily disproved that statement. I can’t remember offhand who, though… is this your car?



if you had an SUV i doubt you’d want a b*ke rack, kinda defeats the object of having a big open storage space.

True, except a lot of SUVs don’t have much storage space if you fill them with people.

Shoulda got a minivan!

One of the reasons I drive minivans is so I don’t have to rack my artistic bike or big wheel on the outside of my car if I have to bring them to a show in the rain.

Seen on a T-shirt: “Mini-van, Maxi-fun!”

john, do you still practice your artistic bike? I recently saw “we reinvent the circus” on Bravo, which had the Luc Tremblay piece in it, and was intrigued to see more. perhaps you can tell me where I can find more information on artistic bicycling?


I see somebody corrected the ebay guy.

Uni Carriers

I traded a buddy an old bunk bed for a 20.L cart top carrier. We wera ble to fit six (6) unis, helments and safety gear into it without taking them apart. We still had to put number 7 in the back of our station wagon but it sure left a lot more room for luggage etc. Also we were able to fit a 5.5 foot tall unicycle into the carrier but we did have to pull the seat but as it still had a quick release it was no real problem. Most of our other unis, mountain, trials and serious freestyle have 3 bolt seat post clamps.


I was never as good on the bike as Luc Tremblay. Basically I haven’t added much in the way of new skills since I trained with him in 1983. But standing on the seat & handlebars while jugging three clubs still wows 'em at shows when there’s enough room.

I don’t know if there’s much available in English on the web. I would just start searching around, and don’t be afraid of German sites. Most of the content will likely be from Germany.

For those that are interested, our Standard Skill competition event (see the IUF Rulebook) is entirely based on the rules for artistic bicycling. In some ways it’s not a perfect fit. Those circles were made for bikes. It’s an amazing sport when done by experts! But I think the lack of creativity is what keeps it from growing more.