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I know the topic of shipping to different countries is often touched on. I would like to offer a solution to sellers especially those that are retailers. By selling on eBay and enrolling your account to the global shipping program you move much of your risk over to eBay and only incur the cost of the shipping to the eBay hub affiliated with the country you live in. Just a thought to make international transactions more affordable and possible. I use it in my business, you can pick and choose the places you feel comfortable shipping to. Of course you are now giving EBay a piece of your pie


I don’t trust big companies like that. We know it from Amazon: The dealers are observed, as soon as a product is doing well, Amazon takes over the product and makes sure that it is automatically cheaper than the dealer’s. This way the dealer is sidelined. I can imagine that eBay does something similar. I will be careful not to ever get involved. I am a free dealer who can decide everything myself and doesn’t have to do what is written in contracts. Of course it would be an advantage, especially for me, to be able to ship internationally more cheaply. But I am sure that it would have a lot of disadvantages.

Unlike Amazon eBay does not produce any products so you do not have to worry about them becoming a competitor . Their global shipping program has given my company an opportunity to sell over seas very affordably plus they handle all of the customs paper work. The down side are the fees eBay charges which definitely cut into profits. It could definitely benefit you, there are those of us that would purchase from your shop but shipping costs are a definite deterant. If you search nimbus unicycles on ebay will see UDC USA sells on eBay, I’m sure they are not targeting their domestic market as customers can purchase directly from them.

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How much % do you give eBay for the service? Well, it would be an option for me, because the limiting factor for my shop is precisely the shipping costs. And because Switzerland is not part of the EU, these are also high in neighboring countries. On the other hand, my unicycles are not a mass product and can be configured individually, which makes things more difficult. Well, it will probably work better for other products than for unicycles. I even did a test in November 23: I offered free shipping worldwide for the more expensive unicycles costing 500 or more. Result: I sold 0 unicycles abroad.

I count on 20% but you can factor that into your pricing if you need to. I sell one of a kind items so unlike Amazon where your stocking a product line that you sell over and over on eBay you can post ones and twos of items. Let’s say you want to put up a unicycle and you have a few of the same ready to roll, you can mark in the quantity you have available. I would mark up my product slightly to help defer the fees, kind of splitting those expenses with the customer. Also consider eBay as a place to move out dated or slow moving inventory. If you want to pm me I will direct you to my eBay store and you can see what I have going on. eBay really allows you to become an international seller. I will note that eBay is a component of my business which has several different components including a brick and mortar store but it really has expanded my horizons, we sell things daily on eBay.

Just a side note when I started selling I started marking on a map my sales and have now sold to every state in the US many times over as well as England, Japan, Australia, new Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, France, Germany and many items to Canada.

That would mean raising the product price accordingly. And then you end up with the same price as with direct shipping. I don’t see the point in that. Unicycles don’t have unlimited margins. You can’t just take 20% off.

That would be up to you, raising the price that is. You don’t have to raise your prices you can just accept that the eBay fees are just part of the price of doing business. You may find that customers may feel perfectly fine paying slightly more to have access to your product.

1 - Do you ship internationally now?
2- If so how difficult is it to prepare your shipments with the customs forms you have to fill out and taxes that need paid?
3- how do you handle payment of taxes?

eBay handles all of your customs forms as well as paying any taxes that need to be paid and charge them to the customer.

Filling out the customs forms takes time - yes. If you do it electronically, the customs numbers are saved automatically. So you only have to determine them once, then you can select them with a mouse click. The only thing that bothers me is the horrendous shipping costs. Sending a package from the EU to Switzerland costs 50% less than the other way around.