Ebay bearings....

Will these work for a kh wheelset? They say so but I just wanted to get everyones input before I buy some. Also, why are some of them so expensive and whats the difference between the ceramic and cartridge bearing?

Those bearings look the right size to me. I don’t know for a fact, but expect the KH bearings are the same as the one with the rubber seal, 10 for ~$20.

They are 6004 20x42x12mm they will fit the old 32 spline Kris Holm hub but NOT the Kris Holm ISIS Moment hub which are 22x42x12mm.

The “zz” after the 6004 means they are only dust shielded not moisture shielded, so not good for using on a unicycle if you are going to ride outside in non-dry conditions.


Thank you for correcting me Jim. Sorry about my misleading you, surfer1024.