Ebay Bargains!

I’ve searched the forums, and haven’t found anything on ebay. Because it is such an awesome site I thought that it needs some publicity, but I am curious of two things.

  1. Has any one bought or seen an absolute bargain on ebay/ had any memorable experiences with ebay.

  2. there is a KH on ebay, here’s a link,http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Kris-Holm-Trials-Unicycle_W0QQitemZ230271398141QQihZ013QQcategoryZ2904QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem is it worth it?

:smiley: Thanks

Many a time, but not with unicycles. I recently bought a defunct radio controlled car for £11, removed the 12AA Duracell batteries worth about £10, all the radio gear worth £45 and the fuel tank and then sold what remained for £15. I also just sold a set of juggling clubs for more than I bought them for new, there’s even sets on ebay new for less. Selling on ebay is almost entirely about your picture.

Agreed, You will make more if you have good pictures and a good description. Plus you can sell almost anything on ebay for a profit, like old tax disks for example (yes people actually buy them!)

Hi there,

Both of my unicycles came from eBay:-

My 20" was my first one, bought new for about £40 and it’s still working fine! I learnt on it and it has done me well!

My 24" was bought a few months ago for just £15, new and unused, still in the original box (not even put together). It is working beautifully, and I hope to ride it a bit more this summer!

Anyway, these are my two stories of eBay unicycles. Hope this has been of some interest to you!

Take care


I got my first uni off ebay for £30 and it last me a month, I learnt to ride on it then I sorta broke it doing some silly trials on a £30 uni lawl, I got a nimbus trials for the jumps and a 24 inch one off ebay for £25 for some fun riding about

On eBay I bought an old Loyd unicycle from the 60’s. That’s the predecessor to the Schwinn, and it appears to have come with its original, painful-looking leather bike seat. Also I found a Univega unicycle, which was identical to the early-80s Miyata Deluxe with one exception, reversed colors on the seat and Univega stickers! Also I got a pink 20" unicycle that must have originated in Japan; it had the JUA “sticker of approval” on it. It probably came over with a little girl who had learned over there and maybe lost interest due to no unicycling in her school over here? Anyway that one’s cool because it has a built-in kickstand!

Also I’ve found lots of cool unicycle “collectibles” (others would call them knick-knacks or dust collectors) on eBay. Examples (not all from eBay)

I bought a virtually brand new nimbus bc wheel on ebay for $40. It’s usually pretty hard to find what you’re looking for, but if you give it some time (sometimes weeks or even months), you can find some awesome deals.

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Wooden unicycle on ebay.co.ukLink
Can’t imagine it holding up to anything really, but at £5 it’s a bargain.

my friend got a simple Red 20" Learner unicycle for only $30 and it lasted him for more than a year. As he got better and moer involved, he gave his unicycle away to some guy at school (he can just about ride it now) and now hes got a Nimbus X Street but I reckon the 20" learner is a good bargain.

I bought my uni on ebay, 20’’. I’ve had it for 7 months now and it is still good, except for the pedals, which were easy enough to replace.

That’s a heck of a collection!

I’ve been watching Ebay here in the US for several months, looking at unicycles specifically.

To be honest, I don’t see many bargains. I’ve bought several NEW unicycles off Ebay, and they were the best deal I’ve found, but not drastically lower than anywhere else, either. It seems that on used serious unicycles, they generally fetch pretty good prices. Something that costs $500 new might go for $300 used + shipping. That may be worth buying, but not exactly a bargain, either. I did see one unicyle recently that only got a couple of bids and was still pretty low, but then it didn’t reach reserve, either, so it wasn’t actually a sale.

I figured I’d bring this thread back instead of creating a new one.

I found some interesting, cheap, and awesome deals on ebay right now.

KH hub and 145mm Moments: $75

Sun 20" x 4" unicycle: $149.99 (FAT TIRE!)


Antique high-wire unicycle with wood wheel: $269.95

Those are some pretty cool unicycle deals right now! I can’t buy any of them, but I wanted to let you all know.

wow, those are cool

good for you for bringing back a thread, I can’t even remember making this thread but anyway…

Funny you should mention that High Wire uni, because I was going to post about it myself. Good thing I searched…:slight_smile:

I got 2 unicycles off ebay.

1 for 10 bucks

the other for 60 :slight_smile:

This made me smile.

My uni!:o


I have one of those, it was bought for someone else, but they give it back as they owe me a load of money.

How does yours hold up? Mine seems to be surviving the learning process, exept it makes a creaking noise when the right pedal is in the 3 o’clock position.:smiley: