ebay and unicycles

i am looking fr a great deal on a starter unicycle. so i turned to ebay i am looking for a 20" but i don’t know what to look for any pointers. there is a good deal on an older penguin unicyle and i am wondering if anyone knows about this brand.

Torker LX. Id say that yer best go for the money for a learner uni.

i agree i have the LX and so far its great Ive had it for a day and ive rode it for about 5 hours. And so far its doing good. I havnt ridden yet today though but im about to go out now. I would get the LX here becus you get free shipping

Definatley the best learner unicycle.


youd made a spelling mistake on Definitely. Its spelt Definitely not Definatley;)

well there’s a top notch review.

it’s good, it lasts at least one day

youd?? Its??
Don’t you mean you’ve or you have and it’s.
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The Torker LX is a good unicycle. It is reasonably priced and good quality.

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That is certainly one i can highly recommend, as it’s lasted me over 6 months and can handle 2-3 foot drops if you wan to start learning trials. all 10 of my friends have them and not one thing has broken.

obviously if you’re in america i’m not sure if you can get that, but still have a look.

i learned how to ride on my friends nimbus that he got, then i got a torker lx and bent the cranks in one day…its good to learn on…i liked it alot and i let people borrow it to learn on…

Abbey, if you don’t do jumps on a Torker LX (or any unicycle) you will not bend the cranks.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i have one and its great for learning. i wouldn’t recomend trials on it though. i started trials with mine before i went to a qu-ax, and i recently took the wheel off and found that i cracked a large section of the bearing off. great learner but be careful with trials.

I’d say the Torker is better. Costs less, stronger wheelset, and has a front handle. If you do break the cranks/pedals/seat post/hub stronger replacements are available. Could bide you time while saving for a splined uni.

On any learner doing drops is ill-advised. If you want it to last don’t jump down anything bigger than a curb. Better to practice freestyle, flatland or technical trials.

lol the only reason i posted that was becus of his qoute thing at the bottom

well i am still selling mine. if you want it. its a lil old but anything that broke or can brake was replaced…

I just bought a 20" chrome unicycle for less than £40 ( and now there about £20!) and all i had to do was replace the seat with one with a handle, change the tyre and it does me fine, both changes cast me nothing! and ive had ti well ver a year now and i think one of the cranks is slightly bent, but its held up well to what ive been doing on it i guess!

Well I can only speak from personal experience, and this unicycle is definitely strong enough for at least 2 foot drops [with a slightly bigger tyre]. Plus, torkers are in America… not UK as far as I know.

This is all I did on my old uni, and it was fine too.