eBay 36" Uni


I just received shipment of the 36" uni sold on eBay by JCP products. It looks EXACTLY like the early Corker for sale in that area of this site.

However, there is a problem…

The cranks turn, the wheel turns, but they aren’t connected. I can sit on the ground, hold the wheel against my chest and between my legs, and turn the cranks with my arms. The cranks don’t turn freely, but they’re loose enough to make riding impossible. I can sit and watch the writing on the hub, “Yong Ling” turn around while the wheel stays still.

Has anybody else had this problem?

It LOOKS like Yong Ling simply forgot to join the wheel and axle. Any solutions? WeldIt?


Looks like you got a bit of a lemon there. Weld it would be the best option, just be careful that the heat doesn’t warp anything.


I’ll look into getting it spot tomorrow. I figure a few quick arc-spots may work.

This uni WAS only $289 including shipping, but that is the risk I took, as he is just starting to sell these. They look just like the original Corkers.

The owner of JCP, Sebastian, is great to work with and will ship me another unit. I think after he gets the quality issue down, he’ll have some decent deals.


Yes, let us hope he gets these quality issues sorted through.

Made is Taiwan?


I was waiting for someone else to be the first to buy one of these. Obviously a hub shell not solidly connected to the axle is a major problem, especially with a 36er. But it is good to hear that you are in contact with the manufacturer and it sounds like they want to make things right.

Thanks for letting us know