EB Uni Promo Teaser

Hey guys.

After getting my new carbon fiber frame from Jarin (EB uni), I was very excited to start up on a new video. It was probably not a very good idea to start out filming something big, as I ended up with an injury and I’ve been out for over a week now :p. In any case, we got my warm up on film, and also a few clips from when I was in denial of my injury. So without further ado, enjoy:


In any case, I must give a lot of props to the Erickson Brothers for making such a great frame! Honestly, I’ve never ridden a strong street uni that’s so maneuverable and light. Outfifths were just a breeze! I was also getting a lot closer more consistently to outsejflips. I believe I could land those very shortly after I’m all healed up. I expect lots of great things from EB Uni, and I’m proud to be representing them.

Pics will be posted up later :).

real nice! i cant wait to the movie come :d

Thanks pele! We are glad to have you on the team! He hurt his foot on an outsejdouble down the 5 set in the vid. He caught it with one foot but the other came down on the stair. Still some amazing stuff! Can’t wait till you make your next vid so we can see what you can do with that frame!

In this video? I think that was only an outfifthdouble (looked like it only flipped 1.5 though), not sej (but i could be wrong, never seen an outsej before and Pele is crazy enough to try that).

Nice little vid though; I can’t wait for the whole thing.

ya its only a 1.5 fifth in the vid but i have footage of the outsejdouble. the outfifth just looked better for the video.

If I buy an EB frame will I become an insanely awesome unicyclist like Pele?

EB= Eli Brill :smiley: hahaha

Awesome video. Have you landed the outsej? It would be amazing if you landed the outsejdouble before outsejflips:p

Yes :).

Nice pele, you´re riding looks even better now than before, and that´s something;)

thats awesome! now i want an EB frame!

EDIT: just watched it again, your wheel doesnt sound too great…not as bad as mine though lol

awesome as pele love the frame :slight_smile: is that double and a half back flip and tripple fakie? your early caught flips look amazing…

Haha yeah. That was the part were I was in denial of my injury :p.

im still proud of you :sunglasses:

sick :slight_smile:

So you’re saying this unicycle will injure me when I ride it. . .?:stuck_out_tongue:

Noooo hes saying when you ride it, you’ll forget your injuries :wink: