EB Trials BC wheel parts

Hey guys I am clearing out some suff I am not using, a couple tires and an almost-complete BC wheel.

Here is the scoop:

EB Plates (made by Evan Byrne, barely used, minor scuffs on bottom corners) - $40

Odyssey Hazard hub (Barely used, like new condition) - $40

Nimbus trials rim - couple dings in paint, structurally perfect - $40

Maxxis CC tire - no cracks, good sidewall, 90% tread remaining - $20

Buy them all together and save $20, It’s like a free tire.

I would have to check if the spokes are the right length but I could build this up for someone for an additional $50 (DT Champion spokes and labour)

Complete EB Trials BC wheel would then be $170

BC parts


Worst ding on rim

CC tire

Forgot to say buyer pays shipping, PayPal is preferred but I can do some other payment options, and I would consider a trade for a longneck trials frame, KH or otherwise)

CAD or USD, doesn’t really matter.

Not my plates, bro.

No? I thought I bought these off you with all that other stuff. I guess not. I will have to find where I got them.

Sorry about that, I will close this one and re-list without the misleading title.

Found where I bought them.

Dropped the price and closing this thread. Re-listed here