Eating on a unicycle

Does anyone else do this? Frequently on rides I can be seen stuffing my face with any thing from ice cream to raisins. Because unicycling leaves my hands free, it’s difficult to resist multitasking. (If you read this and are considering eating on your unicycle as well, I would suggest to avoid foods that require utensils)

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I too can say that if there is something I can do with my hands whilst unicycing, I will likely try it.

When I was in school I used to hit up the grocery store near campus and then unicycle back to the place I was renting. My typical fare was a baguette from a bakery called Terra Breads that I’d eat like a mutton leg. I also remember pulling an all-nighter at a 24 hour bakery to work on my thesis and on the unicycle ride home I stopped at a Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone that go annihilated on the rest of the ride back.

There is something infinitely rewarding to making use of the hands that don’t need to be occupied by handlebars.

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Also I frequently drink takeaway coffee while riding my 36er


I wonder how the people would react if you would ride your uni through the McDrive :stuck_out_tongue:

If I don’t feel like dismounting I wiggle my drinking bottle out of the side pocket of my backpack so I can drink and ride.

My riding snack is typically buried deep inside the back pack so no eating while riding for me :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you just need to learn to flick the backpack around so you can rummage around in it while riding. I do that pretty frequently too.

Sometimes they see the funny side. Sometimes they tell you that they can’t serve you, in the same way that they often don’t if you walk round the drive through.

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Just try to avoid taking off a heavy backpack (carrying a 6pack and other things) with momentum while riding

OFC. In the summer on my commutes to work I often pick up food and sometimes even coffee and have breakfast on the way. In fact sometimes, I even do it in the winter.

Nothing better than cruising on a uni and eating a few balls of icecream .


I used to roll cigarettes while riding. That was pretty challenging. Sometimes lighting them was more difficult than rolling them. I know David Stone used to eat sushi with chopsticks while riding on the Brooklyn Bridge during commute times. Unlike me, however, he was a good rider.

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Been there, done this. “Cars only, no bicycles allowed!”

Yeah, nice challenge.

On Uphill races I eat energy bars, that’s is Possible but you lose the control on the Uni if you ride with an T-Bar. Normally I don’t eat on the unicycle.

During my 24-hour record in 1991, I ate spaghetti at 3 o’clock in the morning, with a plate and fork, of course


Thats awesome :sunglasses:

I tried eating on unipacking trips while riding to save time bit found it would take my attention off the road and cause me to crash.

We used to advise customers at the Ebike store I work at no to drink and drive. Ie stop for water breaks as the speeds can make a crash bad.

Might try it again this summer but so far it has gained me 5 new scars this year so y’all are much better coordinated than me.

I always eat my breakfast on my morning commute. Nothing fancy just bread and milk, but it does draw a lot of attentions.


Wait now I’m confused as a Canadian,

Just bread and milk in a container? Anything on the bread? How do you manage to drink the milk without it going everywhere? Why bread?

I have so many questions


I suppose it wouldn’t be right without some Canadian bacon, eh? Wait, what’s that now? You say Canadian bacon is neither Canadian nor bacon? Oh dear, I have only added to the confusion haven’t I…


I just mean we don’t have beans and toast or some other breakfast options commonly taken in other countries so I was wondering if bread and milk was a standard breakfast for some people.