Easy Tricks

My friend and I have been riding about three weeks, we can ride comfortably and turn without flailing our arms, and we have learned: free mount, jump mount, side mount, stomach on seat(I think that is what its called), down 2 stairs pretty spaced out, and about 20 hops.

We need something new to start learning. We are doing SIF, backwards riding, and hopping gradually so whatever trick we are trying to learn we will practice that also.

Hi there,

In my personal opinion, the next thing to learn is idling. Too many people wait too long to learn idling (or don’t learn altogether in some cases) when it is really a vital skill to aid your balance on one wheel!

It will take a while to get the hang of, but it is a valuable skill to learn for the future of your unicycling career! It also ticks off a few things on the Unicycle Levels if you are following those at all.

Hope this helps!

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ok i’ll try that

any other suggestions?

You can always look at the IUF Skill Levels for things to try. But at some point, the skills you should practice really depend on what type of unicycling you want to pursue. So, what kind of unicycling do you want to do?

I want to do street (like grinds and bmx stuff) and trials (like the offroad tricks) and flatland (unispins and wheel walks) but mostly street. The stuff in parentheses is what I think each category is plz correct me if im wrong. I am interested in like all different tricks, I just dont know what to try next…

than for street you can start driving with one leg, wheel walk -> wheel walk with one leg -> stand walk, and flyer (thats driving with your belly on the seat) :slight_smile:

It seems like you’re going more towards street, so I’d try learning to unispin once you’re comfortable with balance and hopping. I’d also learn to stall on things, ride backwards (for finishing spin tricks), and learning to drop off of stuff is always important.

Have fun learning

ok i will try one leg flyer is really easy i tried it like 3 times and now i can do it as much as i want

yes it is^^

i wish you much fun by learning :slight_smile:

when you are trying to ride 1 footed what is the easiest place to put your foot after you take it off

When I ride one-footed I found it best to put my foot on the frame.

i know that eventually want to put it on the crown but i dont know if it would be easier to start with your foot just off to the side.

if you want to ride more big street stuff i suggest finding a stair set, 3-4 stairs. and learn how to ride down it, not clear it, just ride down the stairs. i made the mistake of not learning how to do this until much after i learned to clear sets and realized that knowing how to ride down stairs is incredibly helpful for when you don’t jump far enough on a big set and land on the steps; or if you ride up to a set and haven’t lined up your pedals you can just ride right down. plus it’s just fun

Want to learn different styles? Just experiment! Especially as you have someone else who you can learn new skills with! Go in the video forum or just on youtube, watch uni videos, and when you see something that looks fun or you want to learn, just go outside and try it :slight_smile: practice makes perfect… it’s just that some things take a lil bit more practice to learn.

Seeing what skills you already know, it doesn’t seem like you would be experienced enough to need to know SIF, its more of a thing to learn when you become much better at trials.

i know but for a lot of tricks like unispins and wraps you need to pull the seat out in front so we are practicing

We watch a ton of uni videos. Whenever we need inspiration we watch this guy Raphael do a really smooth varial roll on youtube. it took us like half and hour just to figure out what he was doing

if you wanna get into trials, your not gonna want a flat crown.

yes he will:)