Easy street

Hi im not a very good unicyclist,
i just wanted to know whats an easy street trick to learn because i’m gettin into street.

If you can ride backwards work on 180s. If not, shiftys and tire grabs.

Do you know how to freemount??? If so then SIF will be good trick to learn. :smiley: :smiley:
SIF = Seat In Front

if you can hop SIF, you should learn 180 unispins

Variel flips! lol jk.
Seat drops

thats a freestyle trick

I think it could count as both actually. :smiley: :smiley:

may i direction you attention to the lack of the word seat drop in the street unicycling trick list

Your point being. :thinking:

For all we know, with it being Wikipedia you could have removed seat drop before linking us. :roll_eyes:

Wikipedia is good for general knowledge but its a relatively poor tool to try and prove a specific point as any individual can go in and add or remove anything at their will.

Unicycling right now is at a point where all of us are still really defining it, with most stuff there is no set in stone 100% agreed upon categorization or naming. Nor should there be.

so true

Edit, ha! look: combination grinds
These tricks involve either a trick into and/or out of a grind, as well as tricks done whilst grinding. (ie one footers and seat drops)

Little kids and their twisted minds :roll_eyes:


ya max id say ur equally as twisted as johnathan

athough Jonathan is not twisted

Just because a trick isn’t in the “Unicycle Street Wiki tricks list” doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate that trick in street riding. You can do coasting in a street line or a seatdrop. Look at Dan Heaton’s part in Defect, he does a seatdrop somewhere in there.

i know wikipedia is shit but it is actually a freestyle trick, you could put it into a street combo but its still freestyle, as well as coasting could be incorperated into a street combo, but its still freestyle.
i’ve caused quite a fuss here.