Easy rust removal

If anyone is looking to remove rust and get down to bare metal the easy way, this is it!


Or just get this mega delicious rust remover from the supermarket!


Yeah, I love Coke too, but you have to wonder what it’s doing to your innards!

Seriously, The D-Rust-It Is MUCH faster, especially heated to 150F. If you were here in the US we could set you up w/ a sample. Right now though, we are concentrating on the US/CA market for now, due to high shipping costs for small volume. As it becomes more possible, we will let everyone know.

Thanks for the reply.


kill the rust, save the metal


thanks for all the friendly adverts but dont u have anything better to do than post annoying messages on forums?

Nope, It’s what I do all day long!:smiley: If you don’t like 'em don’t read 'em. What a concept! :astonished:

Until…We market the stuff in the UK!:smiley:

First of all, a +1 to Brendan, my point exactly.

But think on this, you just poor 2 glasses of coke, one for yourself and one for your rusty crank. It is much easier than purchasing your rust-it online, having to wait for days till it gets shipped while you could just toss off to the supermarket. With all the thoughts about saving your innards, I’d still prefer to drink a glass of coke a day than a glass of D-RUST-IT oh yeah got it right this time. What I’m interested in though, you’ve obviously joined the forums to promote your product, but what made you think of coming to a unicycling forum? In most countries it’s not even an official sport.

My son bought an old cycle w/ alot of rust. I have a car repair shop where I use the fluid rather frequently. I repair many of the old British cars. Anyway, I have the fluid so I haven’t had to worry about shipping etc. plus it is @ my cost. For me time is of major importance, since I have to finish work on my customer’s cars quickly, so it does outperform Coke for that reason.

Bottom line is, I know how well it works from experience, why should I keep it to myself when others can benefit as well. Plus I can earn $$. Is that such a bad thing?

Its just kinda weird coming to a uni forum to do it at. We are a small population compared to the biking comunity. You should actually try biking forums and automobile forums. More metal parts there.

You can keep trying, cause you have got me interested lol, but none of my unis have rust on them, and I doubt that they will any time soon, but your product is in my mind now.

Im kinda surprised you didnt get banned for spam or something :stuck_out_tongue:

i managed to get rust on the K1 logo on my hub… maybe it says sommit about koxx-one…

i’ll try the coke lol

ahahah totally agree with you!

and he got banned on all the bikes and automotive forums thats why hes here :stuck_out_tongue:

no its not as long as you donate to this site. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m certain that many would donate if it wasn’t for the lukewarm reception.

I am registered on many auto forums and have contributed technically long before trying to spread the word about the product. I haven’t yet tried any bicycle forums as we don’t own any rusty bicycles. If you would have read the first sentence in my previous post, my son obtained an old rusty unicycle. That is coincident w/ having this fluid available. Plain and simple.

While we’re on the subject, please point out where I suggested that anyone drinks D-Rust-It? What exactly did “oh yeah got it right this time” mean?? apparently not much.

So Brendan, how much do you donate to this site to be a PITA??

ehehe lotusboy, i’m not trying to insult u,

just u’ve been bashing on about this product for a few threads now… and well ok its good… but maybe u can move on?

and btw i cant donate since my salary is of £0 a year atm…

but hopefully all donations go to a better spam filter…

I’ve used plenty of commercial products that I bought at sears or the automotive store and I’ll continue to use them because they work fine and they’ve never spammed this forum.

woo-hoo!! “69” posts!!!


With all due respect, I didn’t spam the forum, unless your definition of spam is different. I merely wanted to engage in intelligent conversation about rust removal, and to see if there were any pointers, if my son gets more serious about his cycle, that’s all.

There is nothing wrong with what you are using from Sears or auto parts places, I like the D-Rust-It because it works best for me, in my car repair shop where time is very important. I am not in any way insiting everyone on this forum buys some. I’m just suggesting another option. No different than suggesting perhaps a new lightweight crank or something similar.

I don’t understand why everone gets so defensive.

Brendan, In case you didn’t know this is the same thread. If you were to say ‘posts’ then you would be correct. Also, until you are in the real world with a real job, how will you support this forum. By discouraging new members???

Haha don’t worry mate, I wouldn’t really put my crank in a glass of coke, usually I just rub it off or ride it off, my cranks get rusty now and then, one grind and it’s off again… I’m just taking the piss, I guess it’s annoying for people who don’t know me but I dont really mean it haha don’t worry. Also, I was just saying that I’d rather have a glass of coke than d-rust-it :wink:

Thanks Dustin,

I noticed you have a website devoted to unicycling. Looks kind of interesting, but I can’t read Dutch. Is there an English translator available online so I could view it? Perhaps my son would like to read it.

Thanks, Lee

I know a really easy but time consuming way to remove rust without harmful chemicals or hours of arm pain.

It requires

-a Large space to put water that is also a ground - fish tank works well
-baking soda

  • a 12 volt battery
  • cables for the battery, jumper cables work fine
  • a conductive material, copper is fine

Put 2 strips of copper( or other conductor ) near a corner of the tank, not too close to each other one on the width one on the lenght.
Pour water in the tank, not to fill it but around 2/3 filled or depending on the rusted object. DO NOT OVERFILL PAST your strip of conductive material( you want the water to touch it but not go over it).

Put a good heap of baking soda in the water, I don’t know the exact part per soandso but I think an eye measure works pretty well. Just don’t dump it all in there. remember to swirl it around a little
Attach the positive cable to one of the strip of copper or other conductor
Attach the negative cable to the other of the the strip of copper or other conductor on the tank, this is the ground as well a circuit.

Then attach the negative to the battery then the positive, what happens is ionization. It doesn’t happen in a couple minutes make take a couple hours but it cleans very throughly and your left with pristine metal, you can throw oxidized pennies in there for fun and watch them become sparkly clean :smiley:

I’m not encouraging this idea. I’m just showing theres other methods of removing rust without some sort of chemical substance. Also DON’T drink the water.

look lotsuboy, i’m sorry i just find it funny that on a unicycling forum all you find to talk about is rust…

and sorry i meant post…

and as for the coke i was kidding too :stuck_out_tongue: but i did get the rust off my K1 logo on my hub by just using the scratchy side of a sponge…

Ahh, Just figuring my kid will start getting interested in workin’ on his cycle w/ all the info here. Meanwhile, I’d just like to stay in touch. Maybe I’ll learn something about them myself.

Hey Wedge, We tested the electrolysis against the fluid. It was slower, but a pretty cool way to get rid of the rust. We tested as many methods as possible so that we had good hard evidence to back up our claims. If it was faster, I’d probably use it in my shop. One other problem is getting two dissimilar metals in there @ the same time. Usually one will be sacrificed before it has any effect on the other, ie rust removal.

Anyway thanks for the replies.