Easy method to bath bleed your magura

Now I’m not sure what methods people use on here but from what I’ve read I assume most use standard magura blood in their brakes which isn’t necessary.
Maguras can be bled with plain old tap water, it has been tried and tested for over 10 years in the trials game and works a treat as you also get a more responsive feel at the lever, for best results though a mix of water and anti freeze is recommended.

Here’s a vid a friend of mine made a few years back demonstrating the general bath bleed method, the joy of this is it can be done literally anywhere. I have seen people do it in fountains in the middle of a town centre when they’ve had brake problems, also makes life easy if you split a hose whilst out on a ride as all you need to top your brake up is a syringe and bottle of water.

Anyhow, to the video!


I just tryed it with my getto magura (shimano lever, hs33 clipers) and worked wonderfully, I did feel some friction after a while so a dab of triflow fixed everything

What lever have you got and how does it feel?
Is it a bit spongey or can you brake quite firm?

Its silver shimano deore. its spongeyer than my echo tr, but not that bad, i like it for what it cost. i got it way firmer than it was, One thing i did was added a bit of anti freeze to it so it doesnt freeze up in our -8F mornings when we ride

Seen this method here and there but never tried myself.

Personally I came from MTB and ever used LHM oil (better Citroen LHM plus oil) to bleed my maguras since the very beginning.

No problem with lever friction and temperature, same trouble-free bleeding procedure. One-litre cans costs around 7euro, so you’ll be fine for years :wink:

The issues with it is breaks like the echos leak just a tid bit when laying down the power (much stronger than maguras) and its a easy way to fill them up. also the water bleed gives it a smoother feel and makes it sanppier

I would never have thought that would work, does it only work with maguras?

I did it with a hydro disk break and my echo hydro rim break.