EASY freemount for Newbies really works!

I am 57 and just last month bought my first uni. After the required 15 hours I could “ride” and dismount, but could not freemount. I had tried and tried but could not EVER get it. Searching the internet, I found a video showing a slightly different method which worked on the second try, 7 out of the next 10 tries, and after practicing, will work every time. It is sooooo easy, I dont know why it is never posted anywhere. Just search on “Megan Rouch Expert Village”. She has several videos on unicycle operation, but the “mounting” and “turning” videos show very clearly the very very easy mount. It is based on the method where you are not to put any weight down on your right (dominant) pedal. You do NOT need to lower the seat, you do NOT need a curb, you do not need to put a rock behind the wheel, you do not need to be going downhill, you do not need any of those. AND you are allowed to put as much weight on the right pedal as you want, which actually helps to mount more easily.

This is how it works. Follow the same instructions found here and elsewhere as far as how to position your feet and get the seat in position. While positioned with your right foot on the pedal, seat positioned, left foot ready to push/hop, you simply reach up with your right hand and grab the tire to keep it from rolling. Hop up with your left foot, and while holding the tire so that it will NOT roll, put as much pressure as you want on the right pedal to help lift you up. As you gain your balance, put your left foot on its pedal, let loose of the tire, off you go. Please see the video for an extremely easy “freemount”. It works every time and is VERY VERY easy, even for this 57 year old unatic.

I have been using the same type of mount to get on a 36" unicycle. Here is a post from a previous thread:

I couldn’t find the video… Could you post a link? It also sounds like a complex way of mounting…

EDIT: I saw scott ttocs’s vid, and now I get it! It’s a big wheel!

We at PPUT had a new rider this year that learned to freemount the same way (by grabbing the tire). None of us had ever seen it done that way before but it worked for her. Once she got it that way and was comfortable riding we weened her off of it. Now she can freemount just fine.

Thanks for the tip, though. I never though of teaching it that way. I’ll have to try that with one of the new riders next year.


Great…I just got a 28 inch, and I did not think I would ever be able to freemount it. I can freemount by 16’ and my 20’, but the 28’ is just so big…I will have to try this.

I don’t know about you, but I would class a 16 foot unicycle as pretty darn big… :wink:

I think you mean 16" and 20" and 28"

I need to try this mount on my bigger uni. But what type of crashes can I expect? I’m chicken on jumping up/forward on it lol.


You could try a roll-back mount.

I did try the roll back mount on the trials uni without success. I got the static one so I want to learn something similiar. Its been so long since I’ve mounted so I might need to relearn on the small uni again lol. I just enjoy the bigger uni A LOT more.

That sounds a lot like the method I use to freemount my 36’’. I learned it from one of Terry’s vids - I just watched it a few times and then tried it going downhill. Now I can get it about 2/3 of the time when I’m on a downhill slope, and 1/4 of the time on flat/uphill. It’s great for larger unicycles.

Videos showing Megan Rouch’s unicycle mount

Well, there are actual multiple vids of her explaining off-road unicycling on YouTube and in each of them you can get a glimpse of how she free mounts.

Here is one on how to mount a unicycle (skip to :45) →

And one on idling (skip to 1:00) →

Ah…that’s not really freemounting, but the mount in the second vid is. :sunglasses:

Did I say free mount… no. lol I chose that vid because it was one of the only ones where you could see her movements slower. It gives you the basic idea— just subtract the rail! :slight_smile:

thanks so much for this post. I had seen this video a few weeks ago, and tried this mount but kind of gave up on it. After reading your post I decided to try it again with your tips and nailed it in less than 10 minutes. I agree that this way of freemounting needs to be promoted more, someone should do a YouTube on the technique!

This how I learned to freemount as well, and I second the recommendation.

Once you get the hang of freemounting with a hand on the tire, it’s very easy to learn to do it without using your hand.

Grabbing the tire really helped me when I first learned the 36".

I soon stopped needing it but then noticed my 13 yr old intuitively grabbed the tire when he first tried the 36".

This is my first post. I bought a 20" Nimbus 6 weeks ago and have spent, as of today, 20 hours on it. I’m able to turn circles and my furthest ride has been 487’. I also picked up a used KH 24" Muni last weekend from someone on this board. I got tired of mounting my uni off a curb, riding for a distance, then walking it back to the curb so today I tried the wheel grab. It worked on the second try and after about 30 attempts, I’m fairly consistent. I pulled out the 24" and got it on the second try! Talk about freedom now. Thank you for the advice, David.

Yeeesss !!!

I feel good, ta da dadadadada…

I got a 24" muni a few monthes ago but for some good reasons, left it taking the dust in my garage…

Last weeks, I had some free time and tried it again and again and again and again… After let say 10 hours, I could ride almost consistently 15 meters. I must say that in was in a grass area :astonished: I then moved to the street and suddenly could do 40m then 80m and now often go over 110m :slight_smile:

I know 100m is not yet so far but I’m so happy already.

Living in a small village (Belgium - Libois), I had to walk about 100m every time to get a post to hold and mount mu uni :thinking: Being lazy, this got quickly frustrating so I decided to learn to free mount.

I first tried the standard way but never succeeded. I then saw your post and tried. It did not take me 40 attempts to succeed the first time.

Ooooohhhh YES !!! I was feeling like if I was flying !

Thanks thanks thanks for your post !!! Thanks to Nomadic for posting the videos !

This mount seems helpful for beginners. Here is another source besides Youtube of Rouch’s videos who uses it:

I hope my effort to reuse an old thread rather than create a new one appeases the thread-nazis.

haha as long as we’re bumping threads for mounting tutorials might as well post mine here.