easy change torker cx?

okay so i have a torker cx and i was wondering what if i just like changed the rim and axle and cranks then would it be a decent or strong uni for free style or would i also need to change the frame or what else?
or just tell me what i would need to change because i think i could keep the tire, tube seat and frame then i could have a cheap freestyle uni and like not have to pay as much or please tell me like quality unicycle parts that i would have to change so my torker is a decent freestyle uni
its just a standard torker cx with a 1.5inch tire.
thanks to anyone who responds

i would purchase a torker lx. it is cheap, a decent freestyle uni, and has a good freestyle seat (and it looks pretty sweet). then you can give or sell you cx to a friend to get another person into the wonderfull sport of unicycling. :slight_smile:

my torker lx 20" has lasted long. ive been off of the tailgate of many trucks with it. The problem I have most is cranks. Im going to get a new one of of UDC (unicycle.com) for just transportation, and one for jumps. Tell me what happens:)