Easy but effective tricks anyone?

i want to go and ride my MUni in perth, aka the city for me, but to all u American blokes it would probably be classed a village,
anyway, when i am not riding over whatever i can see, i want to have some basic, easy to learn, but look cool tricks, so maybe when i need some cash, i will whip out the tricks, and a hat, hoping to score some loose change,and a lot of it.
So, can u tell me of some tricks, and how to do them?
In advance, thanks mate!:smiley:

juggling. or a guitar. unicycle steet performing is hard to pull off without juggling.

People expect you to juggle, otherwise any freestyle tricks would be cool, but you might need to get a freestyle uni for that. It could cost more than you would make off of it.

It depends on what yo can do. Wheel walking is good.

Simple stuff, riding backwards, riding with your stomach on the seat, seat in front/back. Riding fast wobbly out of control circles is funny. Hopping around…

The ‘kick-up’ mount probably rates No 1 in terms of impressiveness-vs-difficulty.

my favorite easy trick would have to be seat drop. there ever so fun and when people see you do it they think your going to fall (wich is what some come to see) but then you just grab the seat and ride away leaving them amazed or some disapointed:)

Kickup mounts are way too hard! I can glide, do 360s, do heaton-style seat wraps, unispins and still-stands but I cannot do a kickup mount.

I learnt to kickup mount after 1 month of trials unicycling, it’s really easy, you just have not to worry and do it. I can’t do any of the tricks you mentioned Pete, I think you should really put a little more effort into it or learn how to place your pedals, I’m sure it’ll take you 15 minutes to learn.

I would trade you in a heartbeat.

a more likely solution would be we combine/share skills :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could could buy skills on ebay?

Though I’d have to work overtime because I wouldn’t exactly be a ‘Power-Seller’ :smiley:

If you want to make money performing on the street, what’s most important is to learn how to be a performer, how to work with an audience. Watch as many other street performers as you can. Among skills performers, like jugglers/magicians, you may notice that the ones that get the biggest crowds/most money do not necessarily do the best tricks. But they’re the best entertainers.

Kick-up is a great payoff skill, and so is jumping rope. You also need a “big trick” or “combo trick” to finish with. Like idling a giraffe one footed while spinning rings on your other leg, some more rings on both arms, juggling three balls in one hand and spinning one ball on top of another in your other hand. Just a thought.

as a guy who has done quite a bit of street performing, with a few pretty good unicyclists even, is that 99% of unicycle tricks mean nothing to an audience. a kick up mount into jumping rope will get a much better response than side ride. jumping over a person’s leg will get more response than a 30 inch side hop. it’s all about how well you relate to the audience and how much fun you make it for them. i’ve seen guys who do 15 mins of material and do about 3 tricks. granted it was karate and he broke several things, but the build up was significantly better than the trick. people will assume you can and are going to juggle. a lot of good jokes will be much more entertaining than just you doing tricks.

As a unicyclist, when I see a street performer, I find that I get totally frustrated and just walk off when they spend upwards of 10 minutes doing absolutely nothing except talking about how difficult the trick they’re “about to” perform is going to be… I just wanna see what they can do and be done with it!!

Some of your crowd (or non-crowd) will have a short attention span. This is not to say something against pete66. Rather, you must learn to balance your banter with “payoff” so your audience doesn’t fade away before it’s time to pass the hat.