Eastern pedals

there was a conversation recently on eastern pedals and how well they hold up doing pedal grabs.

i have easterns and have been doing pedal grabs (what a coincidence!)

they are holding up pretty well so far! the casing seems to be a little looser than when i got them but i have no means of comparison since i have never pedal grabbed on any other pedals. i have to retighten the pedals after maybe 20 grabs, but they work fine.

just thought you guy would like to know.

oh yeah, its not like they are incredibly extreme grabs, though. no more 3 feet high and never with more than 2’ horizontal distance jumping to the grab.

What is it you have to tighten? The pedal into the crankarm? I tighten mine as much as I possible can but the right one still seems to come loose. I need to get around to asking my dad where he has some loc-tite.

In my experience, Easterns held up great with pedal grabs/crank grabs compared to bulletproofs. After doing grabs with bulletproofs, the pins began to bend over, which would make taking the pins out very hard or impossible. With the easterns, the pins are still in perfect condition other than them getting scratched. One good thing about the Easterns is that the pins come up out of the pedal rather than through it. This means that even if the pin gets bent, you can still easily remove them. Also, it would be a lot harder for the holes where the pins go to be stripped out because you cannot push them through. Another good thing is that the pins are really set screws, so the threads give extra grip, and you can get replacements at any local hardware shop, and being that I work at one is an extra plus.
My pedals have never come loose, or given me any problems, except one time when i was pedal grabbing onto a wooden object and my pedal stuck in it. If you consider that a problem.


thats not the problem, the problem is that you stink…

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On a side note, the pins on Eastern pedals are 8-36 X 5/16. 8 being the major diameter, 36 being the thread count. and 5/16 is the length. I do not know if the same size is used for all pedals with set screws as pins. I will check the wellgo pins to see if they are the same.


its about time for another update. i lost the dust cap on my left pedal (crank grab side) but the bearings are not visible and has resulted in no problems. While the caging rattles the pedals have stood up surprisingly well. Id say they are keepers. They have survived literally hundreds of crank grabs. Plus the grip is fanstastic.

Nevermind, they are not 8-36.