Easter Uni video!!!

so Max and I made a little video over Easter weekend. It was actually sort of nice out even though there’s still tons of snow.

this one features Chicken Fights!!! Wacky Dancing!! Amazing stillstand!! and other bits of trials fun. Music is from The Life Aquatic soundtrack.


It is Easter Uni, divx file 6mb 1min 50sec

here’s the preview thing

easter frames.jpg

As dancers you two make good unicyclists!

Cool video, keep them coming.


That’s an awsome video! I love the dancing, nice WW, too!

Brilliant. Thanks guys - a really entertaining unicycle film. Nice music, nice editing, nice moves. Not too long either :slight_smile:


I couldnt watch it…i dont have divx or whatever…:frowning:


Well then install it. They offer a free version of DivX that will allow you to watch DivX encoded video.
Download DivX free

That was fantastic. Really entertaining, thanks!

…and thanks for the picture compilation preview.


or just get Real Player, it plays ANYTHING including DivX

Thanks John, i liked your video, like a breath of fresh air…


that was seriously as good as any of the videos ive seen posted in a long time. very entertaining, very well edited, very awesome. i haven’t posted in months but i had to say something after watching that one


p.s. keep the movies coming, more dancing next time! :slight_smile:

Re: Easter Uni video!!!

The bits in the snow were really funny to watch!

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Thanks guys. It’s been such a ridiculous winter here. All the wackiness was just building up. I’ve been shooting a lot lately though. I still haven’t gone entirely to widescreen like Andrew yet, but it’s coming.

You won’t regret it if you choose to go the full conversion. :slight_smile: