Easter Monday & Easter week Peaks rides (UK)

From the Saturday of Easter weekend (19th April), until the Friday after (25th), I’m up in the Peak District, so obviously I’m taking a unicycle and doing some rides. If anyone is interested in doing a couple of rides up thataway, then give me a shout. I shan’t be riding every day, I guess I’ll be doing mostly walking, but I’ll get in a couple of good big rides for sure.

Particularly, I’m thinking of doing this route on Easter Monday, about 17 miles, big hills,

and also probably either a route up round ladybower reservoir, or another ride out from Castleton, (which is where I’m staying), to go up to Jacobs ladder or somewhere.

If anyone is interested in some long rides in the Peak District then drop me a mail to news@joemarshall.org.uk. They’ll probably be about 20 miles or so, with the big hills in the area you’re talking at least 3 or 4 climbs of 1000 feet or so on each ride, so it’ll be strictly 24"x3" or 26" fat tyres or 29ers possibly if you’re an absolute nut and prepared to ride fast rocky downhills on them and at least try on the uphills. These aren’t the right rides for non off-road specific tyres or monty wheels so don’t bring them.

The pace will be fast enough to complete the ride, so not too slow, but I’m not too hill trained at the mo, so don’t expect mega fast. Technical difficulty and length of the rides is probably pretty high, we’re talking rocks and fast downhills and 20 miles of it. Basically if you’ve ever ridden 20 miles in a day on a muni, you’ll probably be okay, if you’ve only ridden 5 miles or so, you’ll die for sure.


So how about cokers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go but we’re on holiday then in Devon. I guess you’re not going to be there the week before, are you?

I’m a possibility, but NOT on 20th April as (a) I’m dancing, and (b) it’s my Mum’s birthday.

I’ve done 20 miles off road before, but my few expeditions to the Peaks have been disappointing. In the ‘dark peak’ some of the tracks are virtually unrideable (to me) because of patches of embedded rocks. I’m a roller, not a bouncer. How familiar are you with the area?

I’ve walked in this area a bit, but not ridden there before. It’s going to be hard going choosing a good line on the uphills, and might need a little bit of hopping. The downhills are probably going to be mucho fast so less hopping needed cos you’ve got the momentum to clear stuff.

peak to peak the kamikaze video on this page is the Dirtlow Rake descent on that route - http://www.mtbbritain.co.uk/videos.html which is one of the faster, wider descents. Looks quite rocky but not unrideably so.

The more difficult bits are like this http://www.mtbbritain.co.uk/john_beast.html

again not unrideable, but quite likely to crash.

Basically not going to be a walk in the park but hopefully not going to need to be able to hop 6 foot boulders or anything. Hopping will be useful as it always is, but probably not vital as long as you’re willing to roll it fast over the rocky bits.


Sounds like we play very different games. My aim when doing MUni is to try to keep full control of the uni at all times, which means keeping the speed down and picking may way through or over obstacles. I’ve never gone for the ‘charge at it and see what happens’ approach.

Sounds like I may be too slow for the sort of ride you have in mind. I’m only free for Sat.19th and Monday 21st anyway.

yes yes yes

hi joe,

hows things?

i’m up at my parents in derbyshire for that week.
so yes, i’m prepared for the challenge! i’m definitely free on tue 22nd, wed 23rd and thu 24th.

are you heading to buc on the friday?

yours with offroad anticipation.

Re: yes yes yes


I’ll do a ride on the 23rd then. Details tba closer to the time, but it’ll probably be meet up either Hope station, or in Castleton by the church depending if anyone is coming by public transport.

On the 21st I’ll probably still do the hope loop as described above.

I’m going to BUC either late night friday or early on Saturday.


Re: Easter Monday & Easter week Peaks rides (UK)

foolish <foolish.l6adc@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:
> I would go but we’re on holiday then in Devon. I guess you’re not going
> to be there the week before, are you?
Which bit of Devon? Paul and I might be dragged away from un packing
boxes in new house if we thought you and yours would like a cuppa? or a


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