Hello, just responding to a question asked by joemarshall back in May last year (as I’ve just been wading through the forum history) about there being any unicyclists in the Eastbourne area, well there is now, I only took up MUni last July but am now addicted and like to think I am improving fast. And yes, Eastbourne is a fantastic area for MUniing with loads of great Bridleways and some very good mountain bike tracks in Friston Forest. Anyone else MUni or Uni in the Eastbourne area?

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Matt.P.Herbert <Matt.P.Herbert@noemail.message.poster.at.unicyclist.com> wrote:
> Anyone else MUni or Uni in the Eastbourne
> area?

Not regular , but I did ride the South Downs way starting at eastbourne a
few years back. There is some great Muni riding in the area!

South West Uni Meet. Exeter
Feb 28th 2004. 12am-5pm

Yes, I read the report on your website, very interesting as I have walked the South Downs Way. I did like the bit about the model glider flyers having the strangest hobbies, this amused me as that is a pastime I also partake in, although not so much now since discovering MUni.
I’ll have to have a go at MUniing the SDW myself some day.

Hello neighbour…

I am over here:

not that near but from my enquiries there are only about 3 MUNI riders in the South East of the UK.

Looking at this map:

I think there are this many Municyclists down our way
HAM = 1 (me)
KEN = 1 guy with an Onza who does a bit of Muni on it
SRY = 0
BRK = 2 (a guy who posts here from Reading & another guy who is more road than Muni)
SSX = 1 (you)


Oh well, odd that seeing this is the most highly populated part of this little Island, looks like I’m another lonely Municyclist searching for that elusive second wheel.

I get down there once in a while. Trouble is I live in NW London, so there tends to be some M25 involved.