East Midlands Unicyclists - Charity Ride

Just a quick note to say that the Derby/Nottingham Hockey night seems to be growing in popularity every week.
We are now up to 7-aside with around 20 players now making regular appearances.
I was very impressed that Simon even caught the train from Shefield last night - for about 15 mins playing as his train was late.
After or experiences at Bald Stu’s bash this weekend, the play was noticably faster and more skillful, if a little more violent!
A big thank you to Roland who got the ball rolling in the first place and was willing to work on the Field of Dreams ‘if you book it they will come’ principle.

As a celibration of my birthday on the 28th of Nov we are participating in the British Heart foundation charity ‘walk’ in the peak district.
If you would like to come along they are more than happy for us to do it on unis.
The distance is a mere 17m along the High peak trail, only three big inclines and for a £5 entry fee you get support and a bus back to the start.
You can start any time between 8:30 and 9:30 and the last bus back is 4:30.

So get out your unis and join us. You can enter on the day but it costs £15. You will need to get cracking as entries close friday I think.


I’d like to do the BHF walk/ride. It’s in my neck of the woods. Only trouble being I don’t get my MUni 'til about a week after then and I’ve only got a trials at the mo…hmm.

I’d like to come down to one of your hockey nights, when/where do they happen?


Hockey in Derby is every Tuesday night 8.00pm - 9.00pm at the 5-a-side pitch at Darley Fields,Chester Green, Derby, (its about 15 minutes walk/ride away from Derby Train station). Every one is welcome - the directions and location have already been posted a couple of times so I won’t report - them search on Derby hockey and you should be able to refind the thread - or drop me an email and I’ll send the directions through to you/anyone who wants them - we’re all freindly most of us don’t bite so come on down and wile away an evening with some top quality hockey fun - Hope to see you soon



hi my name is peter russell
im from long eaton and imf organising a unicycle meetup
in beeston on the 24th of may.
in order to raise money for cancer research uk. you can read the full details at…

would you by any chance tell the riders at your club about this?


That link does not work.