East Midlands Unicyclists at Sherwood Pines

Today, an intrepid bunch of us East Midlands people travelled to the highest point in Nottinghamshire and beyond to ride munis at Sherwood Pines. Famous for Robin Hood and all that sort of thing, what they don’t tell you when they’re dancing around in stupid green forest suits and shooting bows and arrows is that it’s also a pretty nice place to ride some unicycles.

9 of us turned up in the end. It was a lovely sunny day, lots of bumpy singletrack and stuff like that, bombholes and dirt jumps.

We managed to prove conclusively that unicycles can dirt jump, my first attempt was pretty funny, I got way more air than I was expecting and ended up with my wheel still spinning really fast in the air doing a kind of ET thing.

I took a few pictures, there’s 10,000 words worth of pictures up here under EMUnicyclists Events:

This event was organised on the emunicyclists list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emunicyclists which is for uni events in the East Midlands (UK). If you’re in the East Midlands and unicycle, you should be on the list!


Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I had a go on a unicycle with a brake for the first time. It was way too easy to ride down really steep stuff. I don’t know why people bother with them, you might as well have a front wheel.


if only robin hood knew how to ride

Re: East Midlands Unicyclists at Sherwood Pines

A very good ride it was today and hopefully many more with EMUnicyclists.

How high were we today? The highest claimed point in Nottinghamshire used to be Herrod’s Hill at 198m but this changed to Strawberry Bank at 201m. Close to where we were but what’s in a few metres.

As for your first brake experience Joe I caught it all on DV and I’ve posted it to the Gallery along with some other vids from today.