East Enders & Liverpudlians @ BUC!

OK, so I admit this thread doesn’t seem to have a great deal to do with unicycling from the outset, but bear with me…

First, does anyone know (I did a search of the forums and checked the BUC 13 site) if there will be a telly available to watch the West Ham v Liverpool FA cup final at BUC? ( I guess it’s a trek to a pub otherwise)

Second (and this is where the unicycling comes in), how about recreating the cup final - but in unicycle hockey? I’m guessing from the latest threads that there are a fair few Liverpudlians going to be at BUC, and although many of the Londoners will most definitely NOT be West Ham fans, could we scrape together a team to play in claret and blue?

I’m up for it with my son Joe for starters.

See you all tomorrow!

Er, it’s just me then. :frowning:

Come on you Irons!

Er, it’s just me then. :frowning:


Yes, so to keep things even you had better be the referee.