East coast uni events for 2004

I just can’t find the time or money for Japan or Salt Lake City this year. I’d like to attend some uni conventions that are within driving distance of western PA.

Any east coast uni events being planned for 2004?


The TOque games in Toronto, and also Motorama are East Coast.
Here’s the TOque games website: http://www.mountainunicycling.com/toque/2004/
Unfortunately, there is curently 0 content.

motorama is in harrisburg in late feb. i think its the weekend of the 23rd. search for motorama and you should find what ye seek.

You should have said
ye shall find what ye seek. It sounds better.

We’ll deffenatlly need to find a good date in Jan to go for a ride.



Sounds good to me. Contact me when you back into Pittsburgh. Gotta do some riding with others…
One wheel, one man, one lonely unicyclist. Gotta ride with others…