East Coast MUni Weekend T-SHIRTS

I made this thread to discuss the t-shirt design for the East Coast MUni Weekend. And later to take shirt orders. If you have an idea to contribute or would like a shirt, this is the place to be. We will announce the price and final design soon.

Here is a design I came up with. This is a tan shirt with the event details printed small on the front of the shirt (upper left chest) and the picture and caption on the back.

The caption on the back (in case it’s too small to read) says –

“A three-day mountain unicycling and woodland trials adventure…”

People will see the cool picture and caption on the back and wonder what it’s all about. Then when you turn around, they will be able to read the name, location, and date of the event. (and of course, they will also see that dopey grin on your face – the one you get every time you are reminded of this awesome event – because you were there.)

This design uses evil-nick’s picture. He’s busy working on other ideas for this shirt, but I think the MUni with the rocks in the background looks great.



By the way…


I think I’ve volunteered to get shirts made. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Where have you gotten shirts printed before?

Also, I was looking at the www.designashirt.com site. When I upload an image for the shirt, it asks me…

“Select the number of colors that you would like your art to be printed with: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6”

This is the number of screens? How does this work for a color photograph? Will they dither? Do I have to do something in Photoshop, or will they do it for me?

Thank you.


it will be more expensive and more difficult to get a photo picture done. they do screenprinting by doing each layer (color) over top one another, so the picture with the rocks would be a bajillion colors, so screenprinting would not work (i think). either pick a different method to have them made or make a different design. i have made one:

all hail.jpg

GregCravens is probably the guy to ask.

I would by a T shirt in that exact pattern in a second, I really llike it.

My favourite is how the image fades out, but the saddle is above that but clear.

I like it, and will be taking 2 mediums (but will repost that if you plan on making a seperate thread just for orders)

My vote goes for that very shirt. tan is cool too. More non-white shirts the better!

I like the devil. I would delete “all hail” - it makes the shirt corny.

Just “hell on wheel.” Can this shirt be done? Who can do it?

First off, apologies to Dave for continuing this threadjack. (Not like he hasn’t done it to me. :slight_smile: ).

I would buy the Hell On Wheel shirt in a second. It also will help confirm my comment towards the bottom of this page.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

What you’ve got there is a ‘4color process’ design. Same way magazines are printed. Because of the shirt color, it could be a five color design- 4color process, plus white underneath so that the tan of the shirt doesn’t muddy up your highlights.

Your best bet is not to do this online- guessing and emailing to find out what the printer needs. Pick up your local phone book and look up screen printers. Talk to at least four of them. Tell them you have a four color process design- front left chest and a back print. You want it on a tan shirt. Give them a vague guess as to how many you’ll need. They can then give you a price- unless they say “Woah! Four color process?! We won’t do that!” In which case you call the next printer.

They’ll tell you how they need the art. If you can find a savvy enough printer, they’ll take whatever file you have and fix it up they way they need it themselves. There will likely be an art charge for doing that. Or they might tell you how to set up the file a particular way before bringing it to them.

If any printers are in easy driving distance, go by and see some of their work, talk to someone in person. That’ll help. Don’t let them railroad you into going ahead and placing an order until you’ve checked around, though. Go with the best value after doing your homework.

Another possiblity is do-it-yourself with (something similar to Avery 8938) ink-jet t-shirt iron-on transfer sheets. It looks like you could fit more than one of this design to a sheet so the cost would be on the order of $1-2 per shirt or less, plus the shirt (and the ironing :frowning: :astonished: ).

There’s also a type that is for dark fabric that might be better for the details in a photo but will probably get sweaty :frowning: .

I’m about to do one for the Fall Unicycle Ride East/Central US, I’ll be bringing the iron on sheets to Tennessee and will do the ironing there. You don’t have to worry about sizes as you make one as needed. I’m even asking people to bring their own shirt - they get the size, color, and quality they want.

or the shirt could say, “YOU ARE NOW PROPERTY OF HELL ON WHEEL!” or something that would make the meak cower before the presence of the HELL ON WHEEL unicycle gang.


Greg – wow, thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate it.

Brian – you were right! Greg’s the man.

Raphael – I never ONCE threadjacked your thread. You must have me confused with uni57.

Joe – you are not saying that you want a devil on the East Coast MUni Weekend shirt, right? That might disturb the locals if it looks like we are having a large satanic cult gathering (“nothing like this has ever happened in Kent Cliffs before…”).


Maybe they wouldn’t think you were a satanic cult. Maybe they’d think you were a motorcycle gang on Prozac. That’d be okay, I bet.

As for the computer printed iron-ons mentioned earlier- those are great for a number of reasons, most especially if you’ve got one of those commercial heat-presses that all the mall t-shirt joints used to have. Doing them with a hand iron makes me nuts. I can’t do 'em right.


Here’s a site with a bunch of my tshirt designs and stuff on it:

i want that shirt. the tan one. must have. oh yeah, ill buy it. i would pay up to $25 to get that exact shirt on my back. dont change anything, it looks really good.

I really like it too. The picture on the back is from evil-nick.

That makes three emphatic votes for the tan t-shirt as is. I think we should make that the final version, pending approval from Joe Merrill. The caption on the back will probably end up being…

“A three-day mountain unicycling festival”

(I wrote the original “tag line” and there is currently some discussion as to what the final version should be)


I really like the tan shirt that Dave came up with. I also like it just the way it is enough that I would want 4 shirts in different sizes if they come in childrens sizes, or 2 if only in adult sizes.

Really nice design.

Hello Dave,
Awesome, I want a tan T-Shirt. I promise to buy a large if you make them available. That shirt looks great!

I would love to make them available in children’s sizes*. But I can’t make any promises until I talk to some printers. I’m new at this.

Also, we are going with the tan shirt design**. The caption might change a bit, but that’s it. Thanks for all the feedback everybody.

Very soon, I’ll post a final picture of the shirt along with prices and size availability. Then I’ll give everybody a week to place their orders. Then I’ll get them printed in time for the event. People can pay me at the event. And if anyone else wants one, we can do it through the mail. Details will follow.


  • = Raphael, are you reading this? Is it children’s or childrens’ sizes?

** = Joe Merrill, are you reading this? Your power of veto expires Real Soon Now. :slight_smile: So… do you like this shirt design?