Early Fathers Day MUni ride

The weather is ideal these days in Aspen, so I took my Fathers Day MUni ride one day early. This is the classic Sunnyside singletrack that is accessed from town. It is a loop ride from my house, a little pavement to start, but then the climbing begins. 1500 meters, (4920’) later I am deep in the forest. I see one bicyclist during the climbing, he is signing to himself. This singletrack is on the northern side of the valley, so the views are outstanding, looking back to the West Elk mountains. Multiple 14er’s can been seen, along with all four of the ski areas in Aspen. The quaint little mining town of Aspen sits in the valley floor with mountains rising and towering above it. The valley and mountains are vibrant green, we have had a nice spring so far, and the wildflowers are staring to go crazy. Snowfields up high in the alpine basins are starting to diminish, but there is still plenty to give a wonderful contrast with the Colorado blue sky and the green mountains. The singletrack becomes very expsosed when I make a turn to the west. Aspen groves on a 40 degree hillside, with a singletrack traversing across them. I make myself stop to take in the views, and snap some photos. I am glad I did, as one cannot take it all in when riding such exposed singletrack. A couple of hikers come at me, and we all stop to chat. I finally come across the last one in their party, a woman, and she is hanging on with fingers and toes as I slowly pass her.
I have to stop writing this: A BEAR is on my deck looking for grub. He went to the neighbors house.
The steep descent back to the valley floor was thrilling. In one mile, 1.6 km, it dropped over 1,000 feet, 310 meters, in elevation. It was pretty technical as well. All the way down to the river, where I took a few minutes to chill out. This single track is highly recommended, so if your in the area, let me know.
20 miles, 32 km
4920’, 1500 ascending
4 hours riding time
5hr20min total time

The first picture is Aspen Highlands Ski Area with Pyramid Peak in the background

This picture is Aspen Mountain with the town of Aspen.


god id wish i lived there


I am so with you i would go muni and mountain biking every freaking day!!!

Mike, that looks awesome! I have to get out there and do that ride with you sometime!!! Happy Fathers Day (on the day)!


Is that the sign of a deaf madman? :wink:

i cant wait until i move there.
after college (in steamboat) i am moving to aspen. no doubt about it.

Those are very nice pictures. I wish we had trails like those in Maine.

it’s hard to be a bear outside your natural ecosystem :frowning:
hope one day I could came foraging in Aspen (I’ve heard the snow is so dry!)

Cool ride, Mike, and awesome pics, as usual. Happy Fathers Day!

You beat me to it:)

Come on out anytime, June through September is best for MUni.

It’s true, the snow is dry like the wind, and gets in your face quite often. Tele ho!

Right on!

Glad you all like the pics, it was fun being there.