Early Christmas!

Hey everyone,
I just got some 661 leg armour and gloves!
Now I can continue my trials training with less pain and more confidence.
Right now I can jump 19.75 inches with no pre-hop, I could do it before but not well. I’m doing this on a cycle design unicycle, with a Viscount saddle and wellgo pedals…
Maybe I’ll get a Kris holm 20" wheelset, then I could get some serious jump…

Re: Early Christmas!

di can c u smiling from here

do those gloves offer wrist protection or are they simply to prevent abbrasions to your hands?

tommorow I will get my KH trial unicycle with a lot of extra stuff, like the KH leg protection, DVD and video of Kris Holm:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

so for me it’s also early cristmas, or it is late Sinterklaas. Thats is the same as Santaclaus, but it is older. A few hundreds year ago there have been al lot of dutch people wo moved to the USA and Canada. And the missed Sinterklaas so they started with Santaclaus. And now we have in the Netherlands Sinterklaas ( 5 december ) and Santaclaus ( 25 and 26 december ) :D:D


Re: Early Christmas!

thats a pretty exact measurment!

Hope you enjoy all your new toys. Have fun! Wow, to be able to jump almost 20", that is awesome. I think I am up to 5.865 inches on my hops. (exact measurement is for Muniracer :D) But, in my defense, I am 40 years old and a big fellow, however still dream of jumping up on picnic tables. --chirokid–

The are mainly for protection against abbrasions. As in from holding the seat in front while hopping, my hands get sore after awhile from holding the under side.

That’s the highest I know I can jump, four pallets.