Early Christmas - 2007 KH24

A couple of boxes just arrived from Canada. Darren came through bigtime with our new custom powder coated KH24s. Here are a couple of photos: http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/671341

Can’t wait to get these guys out on the trails. Unfortunately we have to do a Coker race tomorrow.



Those frames look a lot better in yellow!

I really think the KH frames should come in a variety of different colours, im starting to get sick of the blue.

My heart bleeds for you poor guys. :roll_eyes:

Nice paint-job. Darren could get the hubs done too?

that is so awesome!

Nice! now the yellow rim strip doesn’t look as bad;) I really like the look of the yellow frame


a yellow hub would really compliment it, along with yellow seat covers.

I think it looks great how they had it done, doing everything yellow would be over the top.

Those are really awesome… when do you plan to ride them?

Love the yellow, but it doesn’t go well with the blue hub. Too bad that wasn’t done too.

AHhhhhh!! Groovy!!!

maybe a black hub then. I still thinka yellow/black cover would be nice though


I can do the hubs for you at some point in yellow or black.
No problem there.

It wasn’t until I was assembling the unicycle that I realized that the hubs should have been done too.
When you asked to have the frames done, that was all I did.

Yellow seat covers can be shipped anytime if you want some.

Thanks for sharing your custom rides from Bedford Unicycles.

Post another picture when you have the Magura brakes mounted on them that came with the unicycles. Thanks eh.

Enjoy the ride,

I’m actually happy with the colors - the best part is the ride, not the color scheme. I will mount the brakes soon and post here.


Normally I would never think of putting bright Yellow and blue together but years ago a friend had a race car that was canary yellow with blue stripes and I have to say it looked awsome together. I think this is going to have to be a see to appreciate to get the full effect

thats weird. now that I look at it again I like the blue and yellow. creepy/

Photos with brake

I updated my photos with a few shots showing the brake mounted. Can’t wait to hit the trail this Sunday.