Early Birthday Present

So I took the dogs for a walk around the block. I have a very fat chihuahua that can’t go far. I spot a guy holding a unicycle out of the corner of my eye. Woo-hoo a possible riding companion? I go up to him to ask him about his uni. He says, “Oh you want it?” He was going to put it in his garage sale but said I could just have it. Okay, so it’s another (brand new condition) Torker LX 20. Now I have 3 Torkers. Now I just need another 3 weeks worth of second job and I can order my KH29. Then I will be the proud owner of 5 unicycles.

Funny how unicycles are inorganic but multiply like bunnies.

LOL, I somehow now have 2 unis and 3 bikes lol. And no, I really dont even have a full time job. I am soooo broke but having soooo much fun!!!

Just ordered my KH29 - which brings me to 3 Unis. It’s addictive!