E-mail update for Bedford Unicycles


Over the last few years my e-mail has been: bedford_unicycles@yahoo.ca

Please update your address books and/or links to:

Phone number is still: 416-729-9696

I will start revising the website soon with a new price list followed by additional content in the new year.

Thanks !


Re: Bedford unicycles

“Cédric Monneron” <nospam@please.net> wrote in message
> Where can i found pictures and prices for Bedford unicycles ?

The Bedford Unicycle web page is at:

Darren has photos of some of his unicycles on Webshots.com at:

You can contact him by email. His email address is on his web page. He is
generally very prompt in responding.

I don’t know how current the price list is that is on the web page.

Darren is mostly a North America operation. I don’t know if he has done any
sales outside of North America (Canada and USA). Payment gets to be more of
a problem when you get outside of North America.

  • john_childs

Thanks John !

Here is one more webshots location for viewing
more Bedford Unicycles stuff… and That Girl too:

The price list is way out of date but not for long !


You mean Desktop Wallpaper: Free Trial! with a ‘g’ rather than a ‘q’…


No problem. Cédric’s post has not come through to the web forum. He started a new thread in the newsgroup but for some reason my reply got attached to this thread from 2003 and Cédric’s post is still lost in the ether. The gateway does strange things some times.

For your web shots galleries you should have uni_penguin list bedford_uni as his favorite member. Then have bedford_uni list uni_penguin as his favorite member. That would make it easy to get back and forth between the two galleries.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will do that.

Here’s why there are two sites…

When Carl Hoyer takes pictures, he puts them on a site he created called bedford_uni

When Pete or Jeff Groves take pictures, they put them up on a site Pete created called uni_penguin

I should be taking all the pictures myself soon
and eventually only have one location… my website. It’s way over due.


Hey, why not make it more interesting and have Carl post pix
to mountainunicycling.com:wink: